Welcome to my blog, GlamourMash! It absolutely thrills me to see you visit!

Who the heck am I, you ask? A creative dork at heart (insert seeing eye glasses here), GlamourMash has provided me with an outlet to mash up my all of my favorite things in one place and share them with YOU! My favorite things being fashion, food and design with honorable mentions of beauty, fitness, art, technology... oh, and some laughs and foul words for good measure. 
My main goal is to bring you information that is fun, dazzling to the eye and pleasing to the palette.
This blog is years in the making, though this is the first time I've put my blog thoughts into action. 
I'm so very happy to have you here and thank you for reading! 
Oh, I almost forgot! You must check out GlamourMash The Shop, a place to shop for pretty things. Here, you will find an array of handmade jewelry, home accessories, and other pretty things. Shop HERE!  
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