Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Map Quest

I've noticed that maps are all the trend these days. And, I've totally jumped on the trend bandwagon. I recently purchased the NY and LA black and white city prints from Ork Posters. I situated them on opposite ends of my bedroom wall. I also bought the Magenta World Map from These are Things for my new office space... who says a hot pink map is too loud for the workplace? 
Not. Me.

1. You Can Go Your Own Way poster by Amy Rice via Etsy
2. Magenta World Map by These are Things
3. New York Map by Ork Posters
4. Australia Watercolor Map Art Print by artPause vis Etsy
5. California Coastal Counties Print by Orange & Park
6. Minimalist City Transit Map Posters - Tokyo - by Laughing Squid
7. Ohio Letter Press by These are Things
8. London England Street Map Art Print by artPause via Etsy
9. Word Map by TexturedINK via Etsy 
10. Stately Love, Texas by TexturedINK via Etsy
11. Letterpress Word Map by These are Things


  1. Rad blog cousin. I definitely ordered a couple of variations on the Orange & Park posters (#5) from last week. I'm diggin #1 though. Keep up the good work!

  2. Thanks Jill!!! My co-worker got some of the same print too!! Love it!!!


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