Monday, May 7, 2012

Dream Home: Bathroom Edition

So, I've mentioned it a few times before, but my boyfriend and I are home hunting! This past Sunday, we went out with our Realtor (who is conveniently my sister) and looked at our first round of homes. The first few homes we toured were less than ideal. The beachy neighborhood we want to buy in lends to pricey homes and dated construction... one we looked at was built in 1910... seriously. But the last home we toured was... perfect. It had everything we wanted and more, the price was right....and right before we were about to give them our offer, we found out that the home is currently involved in a lawsuit with the neighbor over the parking situation. Our first major letdown as homebuyers! Boo. The serach continues!
One room in the house that I instantly fell in love with was the bathroom. It had a built-in dark wood vanity with a gorgeous white porcelain sink. The beautiful bath got me thinking... I might need to do some major redesign in the bath if we want it to be perfect so I built an inspiration board of luxurious bathrooms. Chickety check it out!

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  1. I love these images! I would love to decorate my home like this one day! Thanks for sharing babe! xo


  2. Thanks for your comment babe...the ring on my pinkie is by Gabriela Artigas ( jewelry designer based out of LA) she has soooooo many rad pieces!

    here is her link:


  3. Congratulations on beginning this big journey in your life! I wish you all the best in your home hunt, be patient, I know the perfect place will turn up soon! xo
    ps. Beautiful images


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