Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Mirror Image

I am and have always been in love with mirrored furniture. not only does it make your space look bigger, but it is just stunning to look at. What category does this fall in? Modern, shabby chic.... whatever the case, I love it. 

Here are some amazing pieces that were featured on Joss and Main as of late. If you could own any of these, which one would it be? Do you have a mirrored piece of furniture in your home?


  1. Love this post especially the coffee table..really into design too..
    Sheree x

  2. I think you can work mirrored pieces into a ton of different styles. I'm in love with it. Although I only like splashes of it. Too much starts to look weird to me. I would totally go for either #1 or #5.

  3. one of my favorite pieces in my house is my mirror chic! just one statement piece goes a long way!
    xox alison

  4. Did you know IKEA's Malm dresser now comes mirrored! I saw it when I was there on the weekend (posted a pic of it today). It's amazing! Love all these pieces!That studded looking one is UNREAL

  5. All of these pieces look way to cool for my apartment... but if I'm dreaming, #4 is my favorite:)
    xo, Chelsea

  6. omg, I'm obsessed with the coffee table. So amazing. Fabulous post, love! If you get a sec, I'd love to hear your thoughts on my latest trend report & post for xo


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