Friday, October 5, 2012

Health, Beauty and Happiness

Don't you always feel so much better when you are eating right, working out and taking pride in how you look? I know I do.

I feel my best on a day when I wake up early to go on a run, actually eat breakfast for once in my life, drink my morning green tea (instead of my usual soda...eek!) and put on a really nice fitted skirt and top for work. Bonus if I accessorize and deal with my lion's mane. 

Despite the kick in the head of endorphins when I am treating myself healthfully, I am quick to fall back into bad habits: soda, couch potato diet, fast food, hitting the alarm clock so many times that I don't have time to make myself look decent for work.

Sometimes, just a little nugget of motivation can get you back on track. I've found that the following little tricks help me the most. Maybe they can get you on track too!

Eating Right
-tracking calories on this handy online gadget
-trying out new healthy recipes via this or this amazing food blog
-promising myself a small treat later if I eat right, right now... hello mango ciao bella gelato

Working Out
-creating a new workout playlist while pinning new workout ideas... check out my new fave band 
-when I'm feeling too lazy to drive to the gym, I pop in my fave workout video instead
-spend 30 minutes watching tv while sweating it out on the treadmill... like Honey Boo Boo... what of it!?
Taking Pride in How I Look
-scanning pinterest to inspire new looks and identify new fashion and beauty trends
-laying out my outfit for work the night before so I don't look a hot mess from rushing
-treating myself to a new beauty product or treatment 

What motivates YOU to get to the gym, eat right or pull yourself together? I want to KNOW how you do it!

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  1. I need to pull myself together! I am in need of some serious gym motivation. :-)
    I do love that quote from Liz Taylor!
    Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings

  2. I have to admit I'm a sweatpants fiend. Now that I'm starting design school, I know I need to put the sweats away and opt for some more glam gear. But goodness trackies are comfy!

  3. I am the snooze hitter... guilty. I want to wake up early for a quick jog SO bad but I can't do it. Physically my body will not wake up. It's horrible. But I think I'm going to try the honey boo boo on the treadmill. I think I can do that.

  4. Needed this motivation. It's crazy because I know how good it feels to be healthy, but sometimes you need a little bit more to get the ball rolling. As for healthy eating, I read Bethenny Frankels Naturally Thin and it totally helped me get going. I also eat more at home and love trying new healthy recipes.

  5. I recently started getting back into working out, and I absolutely love it! It does make a difference with how you view yourself. I always feel incredible when I come back. But then I get in this rut of still eating the same. Need to be better at eating healthier.
    xo TJ

  6. I too love the feeling when I've been working out and eating right. I feel terrible I haven't been to the gym all week. :( Oh well, back to the green smoothies and treadmill Monday! have a good weekend Holly! :)

    Amberly D'Anna

  7. I do my best to try to eat healthy, but sometimes it's not so easy!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  8. As I get older, I feel if I don't get my 2+ miles in a day, or head to the gym gravity will take over, and take my ass down (literally) with it! It's a scary thought and enough to keep me in shape!

    xo Carlina

  9. I wish I could wake up early and work out but that darn snooze button kills me. :/ but I really want to start working out again. The feeling that you get after a work out is the BEST ever!!!!

    XO, Adropofbliss.Blogspot.Com

  10. Thank you for all the resources you included in this post! These are some good motivators and tools for me to stay focused on my fitness goals.

    To answer your question about my motivation, when I was a teenager and even in my early 20s, feelings of anger, the desire for power and the determination to live my life better than those around me would motivate me work hard at the gym. Now that I'm in my late 20s trying not to waste all of the effort I put in during years past is a big part of what gets me to visit the gym regularly.

  11. Great post! I stay motivated by knowing how great I feel afterwords. I know how great I feel after eating a healthy salad and running 5 miles or doing yoga and I also know how it feels to eat too many cookies:) I try to find a healthy balance between the two.


  12. Sometimes I struggle to get off the couch (my chair at my desk) but once I do, I feel great. Also, I'm more of a morning person, so I typically get a lot done in the am and when I'm done I feel accomplished. That's all the motivation I need, I usually think....WOW, I did a lot today!

  13. Hello Dear! I like your blog so much! This is my first visit here but definitely not the last :) Would you like to follow each other? :)


  14. great tips :)
    I hate the gym/sweating in public and love potato chips, so I tell myself if I go for a 30 min walk each morning I can have one small packet of chips a day lol it works as it gets me off my butt and walking. I can't exercise too much otherwise I lose too much weight and look gauntly sick, so walking is perfect.

    I like how you said get your clothes out for the next day, this is my problem every morning, rushing around finding something to wear xx

  15. I feel nice and fresh when i am fully rested and having JUST enough to eat. The sunshine and nice weather motivate me a lot! makes me happier :p
    btw, love all the interior pics in your blog! look awesome!

  16. I honestly am always motivated to eat right, be well groomed and work out..just listening to the soda and fastfood is making feel! I need to get motivated to CLEAN! when my house is in order and clean that is the best feeling in the world...remember I have two kids :) Speaking of..must continue to get moving on the cleaning for Reef's SHARK party TODAY!
    sheree xxx

  17. the feeling of being healthy and feeling clean from the inside out :)

    xx teenj

  18. Love that quote from LT! & ohmygod I have the biggest sweet tooth and have I don't think I'd be able to skip a day w/o chocolate. The only I stay in shape is to run a lot + yoga!

    Thanks so much for mentioning to the giveaway- you're the sweetest! Happy weekend Holly!

  19. It's all too true! Sometimes I find it to be hard to keep in shape with a hectic schedule - but sacrificing silly things to work out or eat better always makes me a happy camper. Love the photos - thanks for the reminder!


  20. I definitely agree- I always feel better when I start the day right!


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