Tuesday, October 16, 2012

US Launch of Zara Home

Let's get something straight: I looove Zara. Like crazy stalker obsessed. I gew up with one in Orange County but when I moved to San Diego, there were no Zara stores here!

So, when I heard that Zara was opening in the Fashion Valley Mall in San Diego in the Fall, I nearly flipped my lid! I have been sulking around the Fashion Valley Mall for months now waiting for the new Zara store to open it's doors. Hopefully that happens real soon or else I will... you guessed it... flip my lid.

So when I heard that ZARA HOME was launching in the US, I flipped my lid yet again! I went through the entire collection tonight and it is even better than I thought! I only wish that they had a Zara Home brick and mortar store so I could browse the pieces in real time! Regardless, check out the store!!!


  1. WoW I love this stuff....gotta get those tea cups..amazing!
    Sheree xx

  2. I'm really loving that tray stand. It's so pretty. I'm attempting to stay OFF the Zara Home site so that I can save my money for a bit longer :)

  3. I can't believe I still haven't looked at the new collection! It all looks so stunning:)
    Have a great day!

  4. WHAT?!? NO way! Headed over there now. I think I need that tray.

  5. Lol your too funny, I loveeeee Zara as well. Those are great items.

    XO, Adropofbliss.Blogspot.Com

  6. Oh man, I love Zara so much! That bowl is so cute, I want!

  7. Yeah it's super good! ;) I'm obsessed with all the skull decor.

    xo Carlina

  8. Yes, ZARA home is about to set my soul free! My favorite store just really took it there. Lol. Great pieces!


  9. I need a Zara in my life so darn bad! You're killing me Holly! I'l going to have take a trip to the big city sometime soon :) xo!

  10. I could spend an absolute fortune in that shop! Great pics Holly :-)

    Vanessa x

  11. I LOVE ZARAA TOO! & zara home looks amazing... :)

  12. i saw a lot of posts about this zara home collection yesterday. love it and definitely need to check it out more


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