Monday, November 5, 2012

Blog Tip of the Day // Fonts

I am excited for today. For several reasons. First, it's my birthday today! I am turning the big 2-7 = I moved into the "mid-to-late twenties" bracket! Craziness! Second, it is the last day of political campaigning commercials! That right there is reason to celebrate! And third, I am launching a fun new series today called "Blog Tip of the Day" where I will be sharing some fun blog tips and finds with you!

Some of these tips are self taught, bits of information I've learned along the way from books and magazines and advice from fellow bloggers such as your lovely selves. 

I hope to teach you a thing or two that you can incorporate into your own blog and maybe I can learn some things from you too! After all, what are the internets for if not to share information!

So here we are with my very first "Blog Tip of the Day" Series: Fonts

I am big on fonts. Love them. Crazy for them. Here are some of the fonts that I favor...
You can download each by clicking on these links: 1 / 23 / 4

I think it is so important to stay consistent with your use of fonts. Choose a few and stick to them. Similar to your blog logo and colors, you want to stay consistent in your presentation.

My Fave Free Font Resources:
font squirrel
lost type

Stay tuned for my next "Blog Tip of the Day" post for more blogging tips! Oh, and I'm so excited to share my next DIY with you. Hint: it involves glitter.


  1. Love this little tip Holls, as I am graphically challenged. No seriously.

  2. Happy Bday dear! all the best! and thank you for the tip. I was thinking about changing my blog fonts already for a while;)



  3. awww Happy Birthday!!!!!!!! I wish I was still mid to late 20's, unfortunately I now have to say mid 30's ekkkk... okay I don't, I just lie haha

    Love these fonts, will download for sure
    Have an awesome birthday, hope you get a yummy cake oxo

  4. Yay, I love blog tips! And HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!

  5. Happy Birthday!! I hope that you enjoy your day!!

    Thank you for these font sources! I am super excited to check them out!!

  6. Happy Birthday my love, I am sure you will celebrate in a big way (if your instagram is any indicator :))
    LOVE these fonts..all my style and this segment is going to be great!
    Sheree xxx

  7. Happy birthday!!! OMG, and I'm right there with ya, hooray for last day of political campaigns!! I love clean and simple fonts. Great picks!


  8. Happy Happy Birthday!~ it's a yolo type of day .. yes, I said yolo :)

  9. Happy Birthday!!! 27 isn't so bad. I'm 28 now and this was supposed to be my 'scary age'. I'm loving 28 so far. I'm so glad you did this post. I love, love fonts. And I'm downloading all four of these.

    a simple kind of life

  10. Happy Birthday Holly!!! Hope it's amazing! :)

  11. Happy Birthday! Mid-late twenties is big, it makes you almost all knowing!

    The new series is a great idea. I've recently decided to get back into blogging, so I can't wait to learn all that you have to teach!

  12. Happy Birthday Miss Holly!! Hope the bf has something spectacular planned for you. I get so overwhelmed with fonts!! There are just too many. LOVE the ones you chose though.

  13. Happy birthday! I love your font choices -- downloading them now!

  14. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Hope it's a great day for ya! And I too am a font lover. I might actually be a bit obsessed :)

  15. Holly happy happy birthday wish you many more!!! And thank you for the tips I will be looking forward for what's to come :)

    XO, Adropofbliss.Blogspot.Com

  16. Happy birthday, darlin'! Looking forward to more blog tips!

  17. LOVING this post so much right now!! Happy birthday lovely!!


  18. Happy Birthday! Love your post today!
    ❤, Londa

  19. Happy Bday!
    would you like to follow each other?
    xoxo Ewa

  20. Happy (belated) Birthday! Sorry I've missed it yesterday, hope you had a lovely day! :)

    Great post and well done for starting this new series - I am very much looking forward to it, and great start with the fonts! Thanks for the links to the sites, I will look at them and see if I can get any exciting new fonts! :)xx

  21. Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy BIRTHDAY dear HOLLY, happy birthday to you!!
    Lots of love and best wishes, hope you had a fabulous day! :-)

    Vanessa x


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