Thursday, January 24, 2013

Sleep Shopping + Palm Wallpaper

Happy Thursday everyone! We're just a hop, skip and a jump away from the weekend! Hooray!

Here's a fun story for you! The other night, I couldn't sleep so I did the sensible thing... I went online shopping. While I was technically half asleep, I bought myself a new pair of running shoes, a membership to a monthly makeup club, and a Groupon for an eyelash extension service. I finally fell asleep, face in computer, and woke up with no memory of my comatose shopping spree... until the email alerts started rolling in saying mysterious things like "Your Groupon is Ready to Use" and "Your First Birchbox is On It's Way." Note to self. Sleep shopping is dangerous.

Anyways, I'm cashing in on that eyelash extension service this morning. Have you guys ever gotten this service done? Comments please! I'm wondering what I'm getting myself into.

So back to my original blog post, I've posted about my love of wallpaper before and I will do it again and this probably won't be my last time. So there! I love all kinds of wallpaper but I have to say that the palm trend is my favorite. It's chic and reminds me of home where the palm tree runs rampant... California! 

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  1. I love the second one !!!! Wow !!! I wait also today to see my new POST !!! kiss

  2. Ok. Fancy dancy wallpaper! Now. Your story is HILARIOUS! Love it. Sounds like an ambien story. And yes, I have done eyelash extensions. And yes, you are going to love them!

  3. Haha uh oh- hopefully you still like everything you got! I'm dying to put up wallpaper in my apartment- the temporary kind of course. Loving the first photo.

  4. These bits of palm tree wallpaper inspiration are just gorgeous! I'd love to have the first wallpaper in a powder room. And yes, sleep shopping is dangerous!!

  5. that story is hysterical..were you asleep????????
    I love this paper in this entryway..wouldn't work in NY but definitely awesome in Cali! btw..I made it in to the Top 25..thank you so much for your daily I can stop harassing everyone..yay!!!!!!!
    sheree xxx

  6. Haha!! Love the shopping spree story...and the eyelash extension?? I must be living under a rock, what is it exactly?? And ditto on the wallpaper obsession!

  7. oh wow, sleep shopping? I've never been a victim, but I'm sure it's not the best feeling! Love the wallpaper!

    xo Carlina

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  9. I love that loud wallpaper's are starting to come back on trend. My parents have had this awesome flower print in their kitchen since before I was born and I absolutely love it. Even though they've redone the kitchen a couple times, the wallpaper has always stayed. Such a classic!


  10. I have a friend who drunk-shopped once and ended up with a hideous cropped sweater, but sleep-shopping takes the cake :-) I've been curious about lash extensions - good luck!

  11. Love wallpaper too!


  12. So SoCal of you. I'm loving wallpaper right now and these palms are doing it for me. I have always wanted to try eyelash extensions, mine are like baby eyelashes. That's my way of making them sound a whole lot cuter than they actually are. I've heard it's hard on your lashes and I can't afford to lose any! Let me know what you think.

  13. I've gotten eyelash extensions a while back and really liked them. I had mine done at Browhaus (sister chain to Strip - both are in NYC). They last about 2-3 weeks, depending on how well you take care of them. Not sure where you're getting them done, but the strand by stand extensions are better than the cluster extension, so do ask if they provide that. Enjoy them - it felt so good not having to curl my eyelashes or wear mascara for weeks! x



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