Monday, February 25, 2013

Artist Spotlight // Jen Garrido

So, did we all watch the Academy Awards last night? I looked forward to it all
week and it did not disappoint. Seth Macfarlane kept the affair classier than I thought
he would (though, I wish he was a little more crass) and I added about 10 movies to my
"Must Watch" list. Amour, Life of Pi, Beasts in the Southern Wild... I can't wait to rent
these flicks! We will have to get to the fashions of the evening later this week but
serious nods to Jessica Chastain and Amy Adams... those ladies looked foxxx-ay! 

So, I just recently discovered artist, Jen Garrido. I am obsessed with her works of
art and think they are perfect color inspiration boards. The colors she infuses into the
canvas are breathtaking and this mint green and aqua inspired piece is my fave
so I had to draw up an inspiration board to boot. 

What do you guys think? Pretty great pieces, right? I would love to hang the below piece above a white brick fireplace. Gorgeous!  

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  1. Oh wow, those are really gorgeous! I love how simple they are too.

  2. Awesome artwork and love the mood board as well!
    sheree xxx

  3. I watched but primarily the red carpet, the really fun part! These paintings are beautiful the colors and shapes would go perfectly in my living room:) HOpe you had a great weekend Holly!

  4. Me gusta la gama de colores de la primera foto, muy buenas inspiraciones...


  5. So beautiful!! I love these paintings. I will have to check out the rest of her work. Love your inspiration board.

  6. all of these paintings are gorgeous! i really need some fancy art in my house asap!

  7. Ooh...I love her art! Thanks for posting. I definitely will check her out!

    Classy with a Kick

  8. I am especially loving the first piece! And you couldn't be more right...they make lovely color palettes :)

  9. I just saw Beasts of the Southern Wild yesterday and thought it was FANTASTIC. It's such a great reminder that we are all a little piece of this great big universe. Big time recommend!

  10. I love these colors and the gorgeous strokes, her art is gorgeous! I'm also adding Beasts of the Southern Wild to my must watch list - it sounds amazing!


  11. Love her work! Especially mesmerized by that black & white number :) And, yes! The palettes are fantastic & inspiring! XO Brynn

  12. Amour is definitely on my list of must see movies!

  13. What beautiful art! Thanks for sharing!


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