Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Design on a Dime

Wouldn't you like to live here? This is the Viceroy Resort in Anguilla.



The resort was decorated by Kelly Wearster.
And you know that can only mean one thing: EXPENSIVE!

I know we all wish we could decorate our homes a la Kelly's taste, but unfortunately, her budget is well beyond anything most of us could ever dream of spending. Good thing us ladies are resourceful. We do the latest DIYs, we bargain hunt and we jump at the chance of a sale! We have learned to decorate our homes on a budget, and I am no exception!

Today, I am guest posting over on the always lovely and funny Hannah's blog, Champagne Lifestyle on a Beer Budget, where I am sharing my Room on a Budget. I'll be sharing my fave space and drop hints and tips on how I designed on a dime!

Please be sure to check out the feature HERE!


  1. I seriously love her, her designs are just so amazing and you can definitely tell when a room has her stamp on it. I would love to stay there!

  2. Yes, I'd like to move in there NOW please! Ps, make sure you check my blog today ;)

  3. Love this post! Love me some Kelly!
    ♥, LONDA

  4. I especially like that twisted sea wood lamp. And the bedroom in the last picture. She really knows what she is doing.
    Popping over to check out your guest posts!

  5. The fish wall... I die. What a statement!

  6. Wow what incredible decor! The fish wall is seriously amazing, never seen anything like that!

    xoxo Bree
    The Urban Umbrella

  7. Hells yes I'd live there! Kelly can do no wrong!! :)

  8. elly Wearster's style is so amazing. That resort is gorgeous!

  9. LOVE Kelly, and pretty much any hotel she designs. Have you checked out the Viceroy in Palm Springs? I die.

  10. Kelly Westler is pretty supreme in every sense of decor!

    Xo Carlina

  11. Wow, the whole thing looks fantastic - I really like the lamp on the right side of the first image, the bed and everything about the bathroom.

  12. these spaces are all so gorgeous! but yeah totally out of my budget! agreed that it's great we can all make our spaces our own on whatever budget!
    -- sephora giftcard giveaway

  13. Oh my gosh - I could use a one way ticket to that place right now! What a gorgeous space - I love the whimsical dining room area too. I'll have to check out your tips for a killer cheaper room - that's what my bank account can handle right now!



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