Friday, March 29, 2013

Great Design For Less

I LOVE that top designers are partnering with department and big box stores to bring their designs to the general public... i.e. you and me! I'm not about to spend $200 on a pillow case so these collaborations have me squealing with delight! 

Case in point is the Happy Chic Collection by Jonathan Adler for JCP. This collection is full of colorful patterns and great designs at affordable prices. Besides the fact that the owl pillow looks like is just took a hit of acid, I love it all! 

And now we are on to the Threshold Collection at Target. Target has been edgy in their fashion department in the last several years, bringing in top designer collections at a fraction of the normal cost... and their home department is finally catching on. I am definitely splurging on the iron wire table and brass animals.   

Do you know of any designer collections at lower end department stores? I'm all ears! 


  1. I did my top discounted interior design shops too this week!

  2. I love the Adler for JCP pieces! I want to get shopping ASAP!

  3. oohhh..gotta check out the J Adler pieces, didn't know he had a line there..need to stat switching things around in my's getting stale!
    Sheree xxx

  4. oooh i need to check out jcp! i love all the collabs are target too. i might need those little brass animals too - so cute!

  5. I'm glad you said that about the owl, cuz that is the first thing I thought when I saw him - that dude is high. :) JCP is rockin it, online. None of it is really in the store though. And target's threshold is my new fav I think!

  6. Beautiful! Adore the lamp and chair from the first collection! x

  7. I have been so happy about what Target is coming out with as of late. Tons of cute things for the home! That side table is pretty amazing.

  8. Me gusta todo muchísimo, tomo nota para redecorar mi casa!


  9. I always find good stuff at Target but I have to check out JCP now. I am amazed at what they are doing now! :)

    Happy weekend, Holly!

    Classy with a Kick

  10. I couldn't be happier about all of these collaborations! I have every intention of getting those brass animals from Target :)
    Have a great weekend Holly!

  11. The first thing that came to my mind when I read the first couple of sentences is that Target has really stepped it up and thennnnn I see we are on the same page bc of course you mention Target :-)
    Agreed that some stuff isn't worth spending on, like a $200 pillow case bound to get messed up by make-up and face wash. No bueno! Def missed the JCP memo, will have to stop by.
    Hope you have a good weekend

  12. Great picks!My favorites are the Jonathan Adler table lamp and of course the stunning chair!!!
    Happy Easter wekkend Holly!

  13. I didn't Jonathan Adler was doing a collection at JCP?!? This is the best news ever - I need to take a trip over there pronto!

    Have a good weekend love!

  14. You are right, these partnerships are just about the best things ever. I'm so happy Target finally opened up here in Canada!

  15. nice!!

    target has such great stuff

  16. I'm all about those brass animals! And of course, who doesn't love Jonathan glad it'll be more affordable.

    Have a great weekend!

  17. I jus commented on another blog saying how happy I was that JCP has finally woken up and come alive in their new marketing strategies and product development! I'm loving everything they've been doing this year, Adler included! Thanks for showing key pieces (as I've seen a lot of ads on blogs but no one really keying in on particular pieces). Now Target, Kings of Affordable Designer Collabs has some competition. Can't wait to see how this pans out! Such a great post ;}.


  18. I just love all of the designer collaborations with the less expensive stores like Target- fashion, home stuff, whatever. I am in love with all of the Jonathan Adler stuff! JCP has really been trying to revamp their image recently and I like it! Also, I need those brass animals from Target. I already have a gold elephant and now I want more! They are just so precious!


  19. I love it all! SO glad JCP and Jonathan Adler combined to make affordable stuff! & I love it all!

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