Wednesday, March 27, 2013

HUSH Tanning

 So, as I shared with you last week, I went to Vegas this past weekend for a Bachelorette Party. The trip most definitely snuck up on me and I was in NO way ready to put on a bathing suit with my seriously pasty winter skin. That's where my girl, Andrea Salas, comes in. Andrea is an Airbrush Tanning Specialist Extraordinaire and Owner of HUSH Mobile Tanning.  

Andrea came over on Thursday evening and set up her spray tan tent in the convenience of my own home. Andrea's tanning system is unique in that it is a heated tanning system that is completely customizable and the application dries in less than 4 hours. For those of us who can't stand to wait those 8 hours to shower after a typical spray tan, this version is a life saver!   

Andrea is such a sweetheart and I was completely at ease stripping down to my skivvies for the tanning session. She mixed up the perfect color for my skin tone and added in several enhancements including a moisture lock, sun-kissed bronzer and a desert bloom scent. Within 5 minutes, I was bronzed and ready to rock Vegas. 

I cannot recommend HUSH Mobile Tanning enough! Andrea has been sweet enough to offer GlamourMash readers a $10 discount on their next spray tan (usually $50) and if you refer a friend, you can get a free additive for every friend that you refer! Andrea currently serves the San Diego area and she also hosts HUSH parties where the host's tan is free so keep that in mind too! Visit HUSH Mobile Tanning's WEBSITE or call 760-908-2343 to set up an appointment with Andrea. Call her now, thank me later!     

I love that Andrea is a young entrepreneur and an expert in her field. Andrea was kind enough to share her story and some tanning tips with us! Take it away, Andrea!

How did you get into the business of mobile spray tanning? 
Airbrush tanning is my passion! I have been lucky enough to build my experience the last 4 years with the largest tanning salon chain in San Diego. Through out those 4 years I was able to practice and perfect my technique! I love getting positive feed back from my clients when they express how much their confidence has grown. I chose mobile because I want to make sure that all my clients are as comfortably as possible, and what better place than your own home?  

How is HUSH different from other mobile airbrush tanning services? 
HUSH is different from other mobile airbrushing tanning services in many ways. You will experience the technology that Sunless Inc (the same people who brought you MysticHD and Versa Spa) has developed for the best over all airbrush tan experience, The Evolv. Unlike any other airbrush tanning system on the market the Evolv is heated, dries instantly, is completely customizable, allows you to shower in as little as 4 hours, and you never have to worry about being orange or streaky!!! During your session you will be surprised at how much the heat changes your airbrush tan experience!

Spray sessions are fully customizable. Can you tell us more about the customizations you can provide? 
This is my favorite part!!!! There are 8 different additives we offer that you can choose from to fit best to your needs!

Primer // This will be the first step right before we apply your color. What the primer does is even out all of you pH levels to create the perfect "blank canvas" for your spray. Our skin tends to be drier in certain areas as apposed to others. Keep in mind, the solution is going to absorb to your skin like a water to a sponge, drier areas will take more. This allows for the most flawless results.  

Accelerator  // Cut your development time in HALF! For anyone who has spray tanned before, knows that you have to wait hours before you can shower (typical airbrush solutions are 10-12 hours) with this additive you can shower in as little as FOUR hours!!!

Bronzers - Sun kissed & Deep Brown Bronze // There are 2 different bronzers you can choose from to change up the pace a little. The Sun Kissed Bronzer is going to give you the just off the beach glow. The Deep Brown Bronze will give off that beautiful bronze goddess glow. My favorite is mixing a little of each!!

Scented Aromas // Desert Bloom, Coconut Lime and Tea-Tree If you have ever done any type of spray tan before you know there is a distinct scent that comes along with it. GOOD NEWS, not only does the Evolv solution leave very little of that smell as possible, you can also add in 1 of these 3 scented aromas for the most pleasant after smell.

Post Tan Moisturizer // This moisturizer is going to help lock in your color, and enrich your skin with aloe and green tea! Think of this as hairspray it will hold your color and help the fading process be as even as possible!

Do you host tanning parties? 
YES!!! Parties are my specialties! Parties are always so fun, you have all your girlfriends come over, add a bottle of wine and catch up while getting bronzed and beautiful!!! There are a lot of benefits to a party, just a few, the host is ALWAYS FREE and your friends get to save too! There is always a reason to host a HUSH Party, weddings, birthdays, pre- vacation, mom & daughters day, formal dances, Vegas weekend, spring break or just because you want to!

Any tips on extending the life of your airbrush tan? 
After your spray tan keeping your skin as moisturized as possible with any lotion that is oil free. I do also offer an after tan moisturizer that I highly recommend, Evolv's Daily Glo Moisturizer! Avoid exfoliating until you are ready to exfoliate your spray off completely after the 8-10 days.  

Stay connected with HUSH Tanning on Facebook and Yelp! Thanks Andrea for sharing your story!


  1. I freaking love me a airbrush spray tan. Totally thought the picture of the brunette was you. I was like HOLLY SHE GOT YOUR HAIR TOO!!

  2. I've never had a spray tan but I want one (especially right now) so badly!

  3. I've never had a spray tan done because everyone who did always ended up looking orange... :) I sort of like the idea of it, but curious about the ingredients. Thanks for the intro and interview. x

  4. I hate fake baking so this spray tan looks like the best option for a quick bronze! Thanks for sharing!

  5. I love this idea. I have been doing Mystic & Versa but this sounds so much better! I am keeping Andrea's information for future events! :)

    Classy with a Kick

  6. I LOVE your blog! So happy to find other San Diego bloggers. I'm going to look into this! Thanks for sharing :)

  7. Hi babe, since we are already following on GFC, would u like to follow each other also on Bloglovin'?
    Let me know!

  8. Very cool, living in sunny california I still look pale as a ghost! xx -Taj

  9. amazing! so convenient to be able to have a spray tan done in your own home! and i love that you went fake tanning too, smartie pants! :) i just got some self-tanner that i'm excited to use once it's warmer.

  10. So interesting to learn about Andrea and her business - you GO girl! Let her know that there's a huge market in Wisconsin considering the snow has yet to melt {just saying....}


  11. Well you can't just gush about the tanning session and not post pictures of you post tan. DO IT!!


  12. Nothing picks you up like a spray tan!

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