Thursday, April 4, 2013

White Chic Living

I am finding that I consistently pin white interiors. Something about the cleanliness and orderliness and soothing effects of white make me feel right at home. I, myself, do not know if I could pull off the white interior look because I know that my clumsy self would spill red wine all over the place. I mean, it was hard enough for me to get THIS ivory rug. 

White rooms are great canvases to make anything and everything happen! There is so much potential to make a white room all your own. Here are some pieces that I would add to my white room. What is your fave?

Target Threshold Small Faux Birch Servers 


  1. All white rooms are my absolute favorite too. Unfortunately my husband doesn't agree.

  2. I've been pinning a lot of white too lately! If I had a few thousand lying around that chandelier would be mine!

  3. A white space is so chic and serene - that dining table is out of this world, love!

  4. i'd love an all white space too, but it would be a disaster with my food spilling and the dirty paw prints all over the place ha. but i am loving that table - amazing!

  5. Adoro la decoraciĆ³n en blanco!!! tiene mucho encanto.


  6. I really wanted a white couch, but it's definitely not sensible in our household! Love that chic console!

  7. I'm such a sucker for white! Seriously can't get enough of it, I mean, my dog is even white.

  8. Just fell in love with this stunning console!
    But I just had a look at the price ... I think it will be a dream console for me!

  9. I love white furniture/accessories. It's so clean and fresh. I am lucky to have a white dog so I can pull it off. It's just the husband that makes things a little messy. :)

    Classy with a Kick

  10. I'm always attracted to white interiors/decor but I'm terrified of getting things dirty! LOVE that table and the lighting!xx

    elle [wonderfelle world]

  11. I wish we could have more white in our house. Unfortunately we have two rather crazy dogs that would quickly turn all things white to a brownish gray. I love all of your picks, especially the table with the gold!


  12. I love the white interior design idea! I have a black kitten though so I'll just have to admire that style on Pinterest only for now :(


  13. I am the same way! Always pinning white interiors... love that chandelier! Thank you for your comment on my latest post! New follower here!

    Xo, Amanda

  14. Love white rooms, especially in warmer contries - here it feels too cold, am afraid. :)

  15. In love with the table and light fixture!

    ❤, LONDA

  16. I'm with you on that! I love how airy and bright white interiors are.
    Isn’t That Charming.

  17. I need all these Target goodies! I swear, their stuff keeps getting better and better {just when you think it couldn't be possible!}


  18. I am really digging that chandelier!
    xo, Angelica

  19. I need that console! In love!! There's a gelato and pastry place down the street from my house and they have those chandelier lights, soooo cute! Very contemporary, which I love! If I didn't have a large dog, who thinks he's a person and lives on the sofa, chairs, and bed...I would totally have almost all white furniture. Such a clean look!

  20. So chic! I love it. And that console is gorgeous!! Just stumbled across your blog! Super cute!

    Thanks for the inspiration!

    Third Floor Design Studio


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