Monday, May 20, 2013

Office Essentials

I am SO excited to decorate my new office when we move into our new place. After going for several years with no space to add an office (I'm currently typing in bed), I am really looking forward to having a creative space that is all my own and can house all of my stuff! Considering the fact that I registered for my GlamourMash business license last week (insert "yippie" here), I really am needing the space to run my business. 

I've been picking up pieces here and there for the office... bargain hunting and splurging alike... I am having a lot of fun with it! For example, I scored a West Elm Parsons Desk, which is usually $349, for only $99! Yes, there is a 2-inch chunk missing out of the top (hence the price) but I am going to remedy that with a pretty potted plant. I also purchased some new fabulous art and have also finally splurged on a $24 stapler I've been wanting. Yes, I know, I'm sick. I spent a crazed amount of money on something that should never cost more than $4 but I will truly look forward to stapling every invoice that comes my way. Boom.


  1. It sounds like some very exciting things are happening your way :)

  2. Literally my dream office. Excited for you!

  3. I am in love with that stapler! Excited to see how your office turns out. I share my home with my husband. There are robot stickers on the wall...that's all I have to say.

    Classy with a Kick

  4. Love it! I'm dying to have my own creative space. Sad face!

  5. So exciting that you have a blank canvas to create your dream office! I'm obsessed with that lighting, I have a similar one that I spraypainted but it's not half as cute as that one!

    Champagne Lifestyle on a Beer Budget

  6. Gold gadgets are definitely a must! Love what you picked Holly!

  7. So exciting! Love your picks! I'm jealous of your stapler...I have been eyeing this gold lovely but since I already have a stapler, I feel it would be a waster of money. Again congrats on soon having your own office and can't wait to see it!

  8. So excited for you! I've been eyeing the same stapler...some things are just worth the ridiculous splurge :)

  9. Oh, a yummy candle is a must for an office! Yay for the cool new stapler! And especially, yay on the business license!! That's huge!

  10. i agree with everything. especially loving that awesome stapler! x

    & Pretty Things

  11. I bet that stapler is the bomb diggity! And congrats on the business licence too girl, loving your work :-)

    Vanessa x


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