Thursday, May 23, 2013

Take Out the Trash

Taking out the trash: It's important. I'm not just talking about your empty beer cans and old fashion magazines. I'm talking about purging yourself of anything that is not having a totally rocking and positive influence on your life. If you are feeling overwhelmed, uninspired or emotionally cluttered, it might me time to take out the TRASH! 
Seriously, why hold on to all the crap in your life that weighs you down!? Here is a list of trash and ways you can kick it to the curb. This will help simplify and declutter your life, both emotionally and physically. Trust me, I'm not an expert.

1. Crappy Friends
Do you have a negative friend... or an unsupportive friend... or a friend that just brings negative energy into your life? Drop them. I know it's easier said than done... or is it? I dropped a friend after high school because she was a habitual liar. I decided I didn't need her second-guessing crap in my life. Another friend I dropped in college was just totally unreliable. We would make plans and she wouldn't show up. She would ditch me at parties to hook up with douchebags. I stopped taking her calls and defriended her on MySpace (hahaha oh, college days). I'm SO much better without the drama. Cutting these friends out was surprisingly easy and left more time in my life to make better friends.

2. Your High School Jeans
You keep them around. They make you cry. WHY do you do this to yourself? Stop being such a bitch to your body. Reality is you probably won't fit back into your high school jeans so why beat yourself up over it? Don't be mean. Embrace your post-high school birthing hips and post-pubescent body and just get the next size up. I dare you to burn your jeans. Better yet, donate them to someone who will actually get some use out of them! Do it! Do it!

3. The Toad on Your Head
Several years ago, I went to a "Become a Better Manager" seminar. It was awful, complete with over-excited teacher and crappy cookies, except for one exercise I learned: Getting rid of the "toad" on your head. The teacher explained that we all have items, at work and in our personal life, that we procrastinate and obsess over but never do anything about them. Maybe it's a big project at work you are scared to tackle or a phone call you are dreading to make or a friend that you've been wanting to make peace with after a fight. It's a "toad" that is sitting on your head and weighing you down... Yes, it's the weirdest metaphor ever but it totally makes sense. Just "tackle" the toad. Your "toads" just take up space and worry in your head and are pointless.

4. Hoarding
Whether it's physical or emotional, we all hoard something. For example, I hoard clothes and birthday cards. Some people hoard negative thoughts and knick knacks. I have an exercise for you: Try to think of something that takes up valuable mental or physical real estate, either in your personal life or in your work life. Now, think of that something cut in half. Does it give you crazy anxiety? Do you think you can't do it or don't have the presence of mind to do it? If the answer is yes, maybe you need to check yourself before you wreck yourself. Why do you hoard things? Life should be about simplicity and having a clear head. So if you are hoarding a great deal of anxiety or taking on too much work, try to get to the root of the problem and fix it! Purge yourself. You will feel a lot better.  

5. The One That Got Away
We have a tendency to romanticize the past. It's easy to think that your relationship with (insert ex boyfriend's name here) was so beautiful and perfect and it's hard or seemingly impossible to let go. More than likely, there was a reason that things ended and the longer that time passes, the easier that reasoning and clear mindedness is to forget and you start to remember all the "good times." I am a firm believer in the idea that "everything happens for a reason." But there is no reason to hold on to something that has passed. If something is supposed to happen, it will so please stop stressing. Being honest with yourself about your past opens up your heart for something in the future.


  1. Great advice, Holly. I'm guilty of having a couple toads on my head that I need to get rid of :)

  2. LOVE this!!!! AMAZING advice and soooooo true!!!

    xoxo- Jamie @ Makeuplifelove

  3. These are some great thoughts! "Stop being a bitch to your body"...SO TRUE!!

  4. fabulous post! I really struggle with 5 because I think what if about a lot of things but need to realize that everything happens for a reason and the past is past. and love the toad thing too - i'm so guilty of this at work.
    -- jackie - jade and oak

  5. Great advice - and I love the idea of "taking out the trash" in a golden trash bag. :)


  6. This is all great advice! What a glamorous bag to take the trash out in haha I am a huge hoarder of clothes and greeting cards. (Cards that have been sent to me and ones that I have to be able to send out to others. Stationary is my weakness.) But this is all great stuff to think about and consider - especially the friend one, no use keeping awful people around.


  7. I couldn't agree with you more! Great advise...we all need a reminder.

  8. This is such a great post! Luckily, I took out the sort of trash that involves people a few years ago. Now I just have literal trash to clean out! I am really trying to simplify and downsize these days.

    Erin @ The Grass Skirt Blog

  9. HAHA I still have like 2 pairs of high school jeans. I put them on a few days ago and they were way tighter than they used to be! I can't let go!!

  10. Number 1...I recently did that to about 4 people. I realized after a time that I didn't enjoy being around them anymore. Our lives had gone in different directions and they didn't have any interest in my direction. I feel so much happier now. It's hard to get rid of the baggage in our lives but totally necessary! Great advice love.

  11. Oh yes to number one, I recently had to do this. When you leave a conversation or get together feeling very drained you know it is time to move on.

  12. I totally agree about taking out the trash, so to speak. Life is way too short to hold onto garbage, especially when it comes to other people. I've had to cut my mother out of my life because she is so toxic and hurtful and i'm a better person, wife and mother because of that.

    Have a great weekend.


  13. Great advise! I definitely need to be working on taking out the trash. It is really ruining how much I'm able to enjoy so many other good things in my life. Thanks for the reminder!
    my morning coffee

  14. Amen! Sistah!!! Maybe it's the change of the season, maybe it is because I am helping a friend to get organized...but I have totally been feeling like I need to do a serious purge of my own!!! Definitely feeling more inspired after this :) And hey look! A 3 day weekend is ahead...what a perfect opportunity :) XO Brynn

  15. Great advices Holly! And the best is certainly the number 5!
    We all have to learn to go forward even if it seems difficult, even if our feelings seem hard to overcome ...!
    Thanks Holly!!!

  16. Wow! Such great advice. And love the pic too! Very inspiring Holly. x KL

  17. Nice post! Have a wonderful weekend:)

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  18. Great post, good advice!

  19. Awesome tips, Holly! I need to work on getting rid of my "toads"!

  20. This is good stuff.. something we need to remind ourselves of! I never even realized I "hoard" birthday cards until you said that you do... then I thought, OHMYGOD I have a tub full of birthday cards... I am a hoarder!!!


  21. I LOVE this post and the pic (super cute).
    I can totally relate to 1&5 especially.
    I had the same experience with unreliable and negative friends that I had to cut loose..and my ex...oh my ex....lets leave that one alone!
    Sheree xxx

  22. Awesome post! I agree once in a while we all have to clean our wardrobes and heads from the old, useless stuff - "friends";)



  23. Love this so much. I am so into taking out the trash.

  24. I love your post !
    Yes, we all definitely hold on to unnecessary things that
    bring our moods down. I definitely gotta take care of some
    trash soon lol.

    Breakfast at Cindi’s

  25. Que es ?? una bolsa de basura glamourosa???



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