Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Upcoming Sale // Metallic Mama in Aqua

Hello lovelies! Are you ready for the second installment of my shameless plug for the GlamourMash Necklace Line Sale that  is happening on May 5th!? Yes!? Good! 

I've rounded up some truly amazing pieces inspired by my Aqua Colored Metallic Mama Necklace. How gorgeous is the aqua shelf from Etsy Seller, CHIOZZA? I am seriously obsessed. This Etsy Shop has a ton of other truly gorg pieces! Check it! And of course, the Fifi Du Vie Clutch Pouch is simply divine in my mind! 


5 // Fifi Du Vie Dot Pouch

P.S. If you simple cannot wait until the sale goes live, feel free to visit the GlamourMash Etsy Shop HERE where you can purchase a GlamourMash Necklace today! 


  1. Such a pretty shade your necklace us so pretty Holly!

  2. I love how all the items pair well together. Thanks for posting the spread and feel free to drop by me too soon.

  3. Your necklace is so beautiful!!! Love the acqua and the gold!

  4. I can't believe your Fab sale is coming up so soon! Loving these colors!

  5. obviously I'm loving your necklace as per usual, but that clutch is pretty fantastic too! Sending you so many good vibes and good luck for your sale - so proud of you, Holly!

  6. Friday is going to be so awesome...hopefully you will get to see how many sales you get!!

    So exciting...and love that color as well!

    Classy with a Kick

  7. your necklace is gorgeous! Best of luck on your sale :)


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