Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Links I Love

Shout Out
Sheree from It's Not That Deep has some killer legs and killer fashion advice. Follow her immediately and check out her latest outfit post HERE and above featuring a GlamourMash necklace. Ooh La La! 

Techie Meets Fashion
Need THESE crafted gem iphone cases in my life... like ASAP! Sooo unbearably pretty! 

If I could shop anyone's closet for the day, it would be Mary from Happily Grey. Girl's got impeccable taste! 

Food Nom Nom
Not Vegan, but want THIS Vegan Creamy Miso Soup in my mouth! 

More Fashion
Just treated myself to THESE amazing clogs. Cute and comfortable. I wore them all day at the horse races without whincing once! 

Working on Muh Fitness
Need inspiration in the gym for sweet new muscle toning moves? Download THIS "Fitness Buddy" App. You are welcome. 

Summer Reads
Reading The Beautiful Ruins and loving it so far. Italy, Romance, mystery.... bring it on.... and buy it HERE

Sweet DIY
THIS DIY Decorative Skateboard Piece from Bri at Design Love Fest is SICK BRAH! 


  1. Thank you for sharing the links - off to visit. :)

  2. Thank you know I love all you are into so I will be checking them all! cant wait to hear about your neww business!!!!!!!
    sheree xxx

  3. Holly-
    This link up is TOO good. LOVE the iphone cases, but ouch on my wallet! I want them all!

    Also, thanks for the introduction to Happily Grey! Have I been living under a rock??! She is gorg!

    Lastly, picked up Beautiful Ruins the other day at Target! I plan on reading on my plane ride Thursday!


  4. YES, her legs, AMAZING. And I love that DIY skateboard.

    xo, Megan
    indie flower

  5. Genius links. And two fab blogs!! Genius girls ;)


  6. That miso soup looks yummy! I'm not much of a chef so maybe I can get my fiancee into trying it!

  7. Ooh another lovely blog to check out, thanks darling!


  8. I'm not vegan either but that soup looks scrumptious (I LOVE mushrooms).
    xo, Angelica


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