Monday, August 26, 2013

Get The Geometric Look

I think we can all agree with this ideology: 
Geometry is bad. Geometric is good.

Math was my own worst enemy in grade school and it haunted me all the way through grad school. But lately I am warming up to one of the values (or rather, shapes) of this mathematical science... so let's get geometric.

I am seeing more and more emphasis on geometric designs in fashion and interior decor. And I just think that's rad. West Elm is nailing it with their geometric coffee tables and terrariums while Karen Walker has been gaining popularity with her "Number One" Sunnies. All I can say is gimmie gimmie more. 

P.S. Did anyone one else barf during Miley Cyrus' performance on the VMAs last night? Girlfriend needs a reality check: Put your tongue back in your mouth and stop twerking on everything and everyone you see! It's gross. Please stop. You are not provocative. You just look foolish. There's my little vent for the day :) Thanks for listening. And here's my fave Twitter regarding the situation:

Ok, now go have the BEST Monday OF YOUR LIFE!


  1. i thought the geometric thing was a fad but it seems to be to miley, surely she has a mother who can scold!

  2. OMG that tweet was HYSTERICAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I must use Twitter more! She was so disgusting I actually felt bad for her..she looked the furthest thing from hot...she looked awkward and uncomfortable and ruined her song , which I LOVE...I was just staring to like her with her new style and song..this ruined her...
    oh and that lamp is sick ;)
    sheree xxx

  3. I didn't see Myley yesterday but I heard about it and saw what we was wearing and that is enough for me. I totally agree with the tweet. SHe isn't sexy or classy, she is an attention seeker and needs to get a reality check.

    Love the bracelet though that you have featured.

  4. love geometric too! my fave here is that gorge lamp in gold (of course!) also, yeah miley was out of control in a creepy way. and a plastic/latex/whatever bikini is probably not the best look for anyone. shudder.
    -- jackie @ jade and oak

  5. That console! Drool. Dying over that tweet. Literally L-O-L'd. She's redonk on another level. So embarassed for her. Shame because the song is really catchy and she just ruined it -- and her career.
    Champagne Lifestyle on a Beer Budget

  6. Oh gosh I lovvve all of these pieces - the coffee table has been on my want list for a while! It is too good. Love this round up :)


  7. Ooh loving the shape of those sunglasses! And that tweet is hilarious and SO TRUE - I felt bad for Robin Thicke!

  8. Completely agree with ya. Love geometric patterns

  9. Geometry--bad! Miley Cyrus--Bad! That West Elm Faceted Foxed Mirror Side Table--GOOD!
    xo, Angelica

  10. I have been coveting like 60% of these that West ELm console!

  11. OMG MILEY. So bad. I can't even. The geometric train on the other hand, is one I can jump on.

  12. pretty cool stuffs here!! impressive!

    oil reproductions

  13. Love these geometric prints! Amazing round up Holly!


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