Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Sally Wheat Interiors

Darci from Chic Living Design featured an office on her blog recently that was styled by the ever talented Sally Wheat. Intrigued by the gorgeous office, I looked up Sally's website and her work became my instant obsession. 

Her design in similar to that of Kelly Wearstler, but on a more refined and livable scale. When I look at Kelly Wearstler's designs, I am always blown away by her aesthetic but her interior design work is more like an art piece than a livable space. Sally creates spaces that are elegant and chic while still having that lived-in look. 

Perfectly described in her bio, She is "Recognized for her colorful and eclectic vibe, Sally loves to mix colors, textures and periods into a playful and unique mix. One of a kind vintage pieces and modern art are her "must-haves". Sally strives to make her rooms functional for families, yet high on style, sophistication and personality."

Sally, I have a design budget of $200. Wanna decorate my space!? PLEASE!


  1. Her style is impeccable...every room is nice. And I agree her style is like another favorite designer Kelly Wearstler. BTW, I'm following you on Bloglovin but your post didn't show in my feed the last few days. May want to check out why.

    1. How strange! Thanks for pointing that out!!! I def have to look into that!!!!

  2. That woman is talented those rooms are gorgeous !
    Don't we wish $200 was enough to work that magic.

    Breakfast at Cindi’s

  3. Thanks for the shout out Holly! Isn't her work freaking fantastic?! I'm completely obsessed as well :)

  4. I love the deep blue walls and the pink pops! I agree it has to be livable (especially at this point in life) and its always most impressive to me when it gorgeous and doable! Um, how are those birds suspended in the air over that table?!? The wallpaper in the bathroom is to die for. That is the 2nd time I've seen that and its beautiful!

    House Envy

  5. I have serious room envy for all of these spaces.

  6. So good! I have actually pinned a ton of these spaces and had know idea they were hers.

  7. Lovely, lovely. Those pink chairs and wallpaper are so dreamy.

    xo Adrienne

  8. The dark walls with pops of bold pink are awesome. I wish my fiance would go for that color palette!!

  9. Such dreamy interiors! I wish I could redecorate my house now, and particularly favor the living room! -Jess L


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