Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Wedding Inspiration

Guys, I am so lame. Clint and I have been engaged for 3 months and we still haven't done any wedding planning. Zip. Zero. Nada. 

I mean, I am really excited about the wedding and I can't wait to marry the man o' my dreams, but I am so not looking forward to planning everything. Clint is with me on this one so we are being overtly lazy about it!

My friend sent me a giant wedding magazine and I was exhausted and overwhelmed after looking through it. It seems like such a big chore to plan a wedding. Do you have any tips for cool wedding websites, San Diego wedding venues or basically any ideas to jumpstart my excitement for the wedding! Help! 

One thing that I do love is THIS dreamy photo shoot from fellow blogger, Amber, of The Barefoot Blonde. Literally obsessed. I love the vintage look of these photos... could I pull off a flower chain...? Maybe.

photographerCiara Richardson
floristErin Keller
dress: Custom made by Penelope
hair & make up: myself
extensionsExtend Your Beauty


  1. You are such a better bride-to-be than I am! I got the crazies planning. It was ridiculous. But I can send you some good wedding blogs to follow! San Diego is so full of amazing venues, it really just depends on what "style" you want.

  2. I was the same way- I was so overwhelmed with it all that I kind of just shut it off for awhile. Good luck!

  3. This is such fabulous inspiration! I love these photos. You've still got plenty of time for wedding planning - just don't stress! Everything will be perfect :) xx

  4. The desire to get it planned and done will come, just enjoy being engaged for now.

  5. Ever thought of consulting with a wedding planner? I can recommend one that may help :)

  6. Neither me nor my husband were into the whole wedding thing, so we just got married and celebrated it with a few friends in a lovely French place. No plans and my shoes costed me more than the whole wedding. :)

  7. ahh those photos are gorgeous! we have been slooooowly planning our wedding. we picked a date/venue about 2 months after getting engaged. and then picked the church about 6 months later ha. we are now about at the one year mark, so i'm slowly working on more stuff. i'm excited too but not necessarily excited about all of the planning!
    -- jackie @ jade and oak

  8. Those pictures are incredible!

    I totally feel you, i've been engaged for 6 months and we're planning a 2015 wedding so I have completely put it on the back burner! We need to get on it!

    Simply Sabrina

  9. Don't worry, I will plan your whole wedding for you ;-)

  10. Giiiiiirllll don't even trip! I was the same way, give it some time to enjoy the "engaged" life and enjoy each other before the bridezilla begins! haha just kidding! But def takes some time to breathe! Everything will work out, and what matters most in the long run is your love for each other-- heck that's why you're marrying each other in the first place!

    Showered With Design
    Showered With Love

  11. What gorgeous inspiration! Don't worry about not doing any planning yet, I waited at least 4 months to start..

  12. The particular bridesmaids dresses could possibly be the very same color connected with environmentally matrimony while the flowers are made of cream-colored bouquets hooked along with willow offices for the antique think.


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