Monday, October 14, 2013

Catching Up With Pinterest

Good morning to you. I hope your morning is starting off right. It took me a little longer to roll out of bed this morning but I'm awake now... well, at least half awake. My second cup of coffee should do me right. It WAS Oktoberfest this weekend, after all. 

I spent some time on Pinterest last night and found some really great stuff. Here's a roundup of things that made me smile :)


  1. fun pins. love the little cacti. i have some on my porch now but it might be time to bring them into the house. also loooove the lettering on those envelopes!
    -- jackie @ jade and oak

  2. Beautiful images - they make a wonderful start for a new week. x

  3. I've reinvigorated my love for Pinterest recently, how did I take a break for so long? love those pretty letters - I need to work on my snail mail ;)

  4. Pinterest is great, you can find so many cool things. Everything you picked looks great, I especially love the letters, I'm old fashion & love a handwritten note.

    Crumbs and Curls

  5. Loving the photo of the simple mod style & the cacti! I need more green in my decor. How is the wedding planning going?! I am dying to get some sneak peeks!


  6. OMG- lobster mac and cheese, it may only be breakfast time but I want that right now!

    xo Carlina


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