Thursday, January 9, 2014

Office Dream Space Almost Complete

I'm so excited because my partner and I just assembled the last piece of furniture for our office space! I put together a collab board below of all of the pieces we went with. We were on a tight $3,000 budget but we got all of the pieces we needed UNDER our budget!

We went with a mix of high-end and inexpensive pieces throughout. We wanted to stick with an ultra modern look using neutral colors of silvers, greys and whites and I think we definitely stuck to that. Now we just need to put on the final touches of art, plants, flowers and some more decor and our space will feel just like home! 

8. Art


  1. Happy new year Holly! Love these pieces:)

  2. Love the scheme and all the pieces you've chosen. Gorgeous! X kl

  3. I want pictures! I bet it looks fabulous!

  4. Please post pictures! I love that Ikea storage unit; looks more expensive than it really is.
    xx, Angelica


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