Wednesday, March 5, 2014

7 Best Shopping Sites That Offer No Holds Barred Free Shipping

1 | Zara
Yes, THAT Zara that we know and love offers free shipping! This one was a shocker for me. I would have been much poorer had I known this little fact sooner.

2 | Asos
Your sweet swag will arrive in your mailbox within 6 business days if you select "US Standard Shipping" during checkout. If you decide red is definitely not your color, return your swag for a full refund within 28 days. Red only looks good on redheads anyways, right!

3 | Shopbop
So let me see if I've got this right: 3 day (or less) ground shipping is totally on the house? Yes please! And returns are prepaid within 15 days of purchase if you decide that dress is too slooty.

4 | Zappos
Don't know what size shoe you need, order both! That's the awesomeness that is Zappos. Oh and clothing orders placed before 1pm PST are delivered overnight… for free! Fo shizzle my nizzle.

5 | Nordstrom
Your math lesson for the day: Save money so you can spend more money! Free shipping and returns at this one-stop-shop. Hawaii and Alaska included. Can I get a what what! 

6 | Piperlime
Free shipping. Free returns. Free exchanges. Need I say more?

7 | Kate Spade
No charge for delivery or returns for this fabulously addicting shop. So yeah, you do need both of those iPhone covers. Sister company, Saturday, offers the same sweet deal!


  1. Great, now you have me wanting to do a little shopping damage!! ;/ ugh, and I was being so good ;)

    xo Carlina

  2. What, what! I love all of these places but didn't know about a couple of their policies. Holler - here goes my pay check.


  3. Love all the stores..and free shipping make online shopping more enticing. Check out my post this Saturday all about ZARA!


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