Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Hello Blogger Friends! I am starting a new series called "Lovely Little Lots."

Here's the premise. So after my boyfriend and I moved in together, we went through the customary "joining of things." We had to merge our design styles and aesthetics to create one comprehensive space. Sadly, I knew that my Marilyn Monroe posters were out of the question.

Basically, I had to lose some of my girliness and he had to take some of it on! Ha! Of course, I held onto most of my favorite items and favorite spaces, girly and the like. I have carved out many of my own "lovely little lots" in our home. Just for me and that give me a thrill every time I look at them.

I would love if you shared some of your favorite self-designed spaces or spots that you have carved out for yourself. Whether it's a reading nook or your home office desk or a unique bookcase holding some of your favorite trinkets or your coffee table packed with your favorite books, I would love it if you shared them here on my blog. So tell me readers, what "Lovely Little Lots" have you carved out for yourself in your home?

Above it one of my "Lovely Little Lots." This is a view of our bedroom and dresser. I love this space because it is completely decluttered and feels cozy. I love to light my candles, snuggle up under my comforter and read a book on my Kindle. I LOVE the Black and White Print I got from ORK Posters. The Foo Lion Book End is a steal from Ross. I bought the studded black leather headboard from Metro Decor when I was actually on the hunt for a couch and in no way in the market for a headboard. My bank account was in sad, sad shape that month.

Submission Details
1) Take at least three good quality photos of your Lovely Little Lots or Lot.
2) Describe your lovely little lots in detail. Describe why you chose the space and why you like it, where the space is in your home, discuss any significance or special meaning behind the items included in the space and where you got the items (if you know).
3) Include your name, email, blog/website and a photo of yourself.
4) Send all items to with "Lovely Little Lots" in the subject line
5) If we move forward with your "Lovely Little Lots," I will reply back to you with a date and set of basic questions.

If you read GlamourMash on the regular, please keep in mind the design aesthetic (glamorous, modern, boho, chic) if you are planning to submit your "Lovely Little Lots." No deadline to submit!

I'm so excited to kick off this new series so please send me your "Lovely Little Lots" soon! Thanks!!!


  1. LOVE this idea! Can't wait until I move into my new place so I can submit! Right now I just have one temporary room in my parents house.

  2. What a pretty space! Love that headboard. And I love this series idea -- can't wait to see more!

  3. That is cool..I am starting anew feature on my blog too..I got my bracelet today and it's broken..ahhhh..I was so upset I have to exchange it!
    Sheree x

  4. Such a cute blog! I like it! Following you now! I'd be happy if you follow me back!

  5. Hey, Holly!
    Congrats on your exciting new series idea!! Even before seeing the coming posts, I'm sure they'll be as fabulous as this one! I fell for your headboard, too! As for me, I've yet to refurbish my place. Hopefully, I'll get plenty of adorable ideas from these LLL!!
    María José

  6. This is a really cool idea - same thing happened when my boyfriend and I moved in together. It all pans out ok - but at first it was tough as we had so different style xxx

    South Molton St Style

  7. Cool idea! Can't wait to see the submissions...I will submit when we finish getting our space together. My only little lots right now is my desk. :)
    xo, Londa

  8. That's such a lovely idea! My boyfriend and I share with another couple and are kind of lacking money at the moment but I can't wait to have some little lots one day :) just realised I wasn't following your new site on bloglovin! Have remedied that now :)

  9. this is so cool, i'll def be sending you some pics :)
    Thank you so much for stopping by my blog.


  10. nice lot! I think my jewelry area is prob the most girly in our apt. I've pretty much became androygenous when it comes to living style!

    x carlina

  11. I carved out my design studio/showroom out of my dining room, believe it or not. It actually doubles as both and very well. Funny thing about the Marilyn Monroe posters. My ex before my husband has an apartment full of MM posters. I loved all of them . . . .

  12. What a cute series! Looking forward to more

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