Friday, September 7, 2012

Lovely Little Lots // Maria Camila of A Drop of Bliss

Well, good morning everyone, Maria Camila here from Adropofbliss! I am super excited
to be doing a guest post for the lovely Holly. Doesn’t she just have such an amazing blog?!
Thanks again Holly for letting me be a part of your "Lovely Little Lots" series.

I have a lot of “Lovely Little Lots” in my home but I would love to show you my two
favorites. So let’s get started!

My number one would be my mini office space. I love this space because it’s in a little
corner of my room where I have everything I need all in one spot. I’m able to do my
homework, work on my blog, make videos, paint (hence the painting to the right) etc. I got
this corner desk from Target and my rolling chair which goes perfect with my desk from
Pottery Barn. I also love my little $2.00 flower base that I got from the target dollar section,
which gives the area a little pop of color. I’m also obsessed with candles as you can see, I
mean what girl isn’t, Right? Right?

And now off to my second favorite spot. I would say this is kind of like my “headboard” in
a way, since I don’t have an official headboard. I absolutely love this because my stepdad
handmade the whole thing which was really nice of him. It gives makes my room a little
more of a grownup look and I love how I can display some of my favorite pictures and very
cute beach decorations, since my room does have that beach vibe going on. Hey I live in
South Florida so what better then a beach themed room.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this, until next time lovelies!


- - - - - - - - - - - - -

Want to submit your Lovely Little Lot (or Lots)? I'd love to feature you! 
Just follow the submission guidelines below. I look forward to hearing from you!

Submission Details
1) Take at least three good quality photos of your Lovely Little Lots or Lot.
2) Describe your lovely little lots in detail. Describe why you chose the space and why you like it, where the space is in your home, discuss any significance or special meaning behind the items included in the space and where you got the items (if you know).
3) Include your name, email, blog/website and a photo of yourself.
4) Send all items to with "Lovely Little Lots" in the subject line
5) If we move forward with your "Lovely Little Lots," I will reply back to you with a date and set of basic questions.

If you read GlamourMash on the regular, please keep in mind the design aesthetic (glamorous, modern, boho, chic) if you are planning to submit your "Lovely Little Lots." No deadline to submit!

Read more about the Lovely Little Lots series and submission details HERE


  1. Nice to meet you Maria! This is great, I love hearing about new bloggers I didn't already know about! I over use the phrase..."that's crazy" too! ;)

    x carlina

  2. Cool post! Nice to find out bout Maria.
    xo, Londa
    PS, skydiving is one thing I old like to try too.

  3. Nice to see two of my favourite bloggers at once! :) What a cute office space, and that headboard is lovely. So sweet that it was handmade just for you! I love the little box with the off the cuff questions too.

  4. Great guest post.. her blog is adorable! So glad you introduced us :) Her lovely little lots was too cute too.. I'm with her on her 'vice'! Happy Friday gorgeous!


  5. nice post! i really enjoyed it

  6. Love these kinds of posts because it allows us all to get to know even more new bloggers :)

  7. I really enjoyed reading the "Answers Off the Cuff". I plan to blog about this next week.

  8. Wonderful post!

    Love from Barcelona.

  9. Loving this new segment, great concept and another awesome way to get to know other bloggers out there!

    Check out my blog for a fabulous new giveaway! Would love for you to enter!
    Angelique Jewellery Giveaway on Daring Coco... Enter NOW

  10. So excited for this new segment! So fun. Heading over to her blog to check it out!


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