Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Appreciating The Things We Already Have

I sometimes find myself obsessing over things that I do not have or goals in my life that I have not reached. It's hard not to beat ourselves up sometimes over things that we feel are lacking in our lives.

BUT...! Instead of focusing on the things I want or do not have, I want to focus more on appreciating the things that I already have. So, to do that, I simply walked around my house and took photos of the things that I already have that make me do a little happy dance every time I see them. 

1. My miniature balloon animal sculptures, which I spray painted gold. Aren't they cute? :)

2. A recent DIY, that came up looking totally whack, but I still love it

3. Really cool 1920s vintage light fixture and mirror in our bathroom. Yes, it's kind of creepy and has weird baby faces on it, but it's "vintage," therefore, our pad is instantly cooler, right???

4. Lovenote from my boyfriend that he made for me from leftover glitter from one of my DIYs. what a catch ;)

5. Skull decoration from Target to get in the spirit for Halloween. Check out their dollar bins right now... they are INSANE!

6. LOVE glitter DIY and succulent plant that I have not killed yet... hooray! No plant homicide!  

What do you have in your life that you think you need to appreciate more? People, things, pets... WHAT!?


  1. Great post! Love the balloon animals. Where did you get them?

  2. Love thos little mini gold balloons! How cute?!


  3. Wonderful post!! I love all of your DIY projects & the vintage light! I also am so thankful for notes left by my husband! My puppies are also something that I appreciate each and every day!!

  4. I'm also obsessed with the balloon animals. AND how sweet is that note from the dude?! Also, I'm all for creepy baby lamps. Love me some "vintage".

  5. Love your recent DIY! it's so unique and has such great character! And what a sweet note from your bf.. definitely a keeper :)

  6. I'm a bit obsessed with that light fixture. It is so awesome. I should really walk around my house and take photos of all the things that make me happy. We should all do that!

  7. I love all teh things are happy about! I would be happy with all those too. Those balloon animals are too cute....will keep my eyes open next time I go to a toy store for figurines like that to spray paint gold.

  8. Great concept Holly! And those balloon animals.. adorable!!

  9. Loveee the post and those miniature balloon animals are too cute.
    Your boyfriend is funny and cute : )

    Breakfast at Cindi’s

  10. Those mini balloon sculptures are the cutest!


  11. Lovely idea! It's important to sit down and appreciate the little things that you do have instead of worrying about those that you don't! Your boyfriend seems so sweet!
    G xo

  12. Your including "happy dance" in this post is my favorite part. Also, I like the vintage hanging light in the bathroom.

  13. Great post with a fabulous message!!
    And I am in love with your balloon animals...seriously, how can one not smile when they see those cuties ;)

  14. I love your blog, I just found it! I am the exact same way - my goals list is both inspiring and taunting me - but it's so important to enjoy the little things along the journey {and to remember that as well}. Thanks for the reminder and beautiful post!

    Maya {CharminglyStyled}

  15. Holly,
    I adore the balloon mini sculptures. I definitely find myself obsessing over things, in fact I told my mommy that I think I need to see a professional because I get really bad anxiety, which leads to obsessive behavior and compulsive purchases. Anyhow, to answer your question, I appreciate my family, husband, friends, blog readers, my dog ( he gives unconditional love :), personalized cards and notes Ii have gotten over the years, old Domino magazines, HS jewelry from my parents and my succulents too.
    Great post!

  16. Love this post! So much sincerity. And, that note from your boyfriend is adorable.
    Isn’t That Charming.

  17. I already appreciate them a lot but I would appreciate my friends more (like you and Clint) <3

  18. Great post! It's true realize what you have accomplished vs. what you haven't. Something that I need to do everyday. I love that DIY by the way, very Kelly Wearstler or you!


  19. Where did you get the little balloon animals?! I love them!


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