Monday, October 1, 2012

What Makes You Happy?

Today, I am feeling especially thankful for everyone and everything in my life. Realizing just how lucky I am to have people that I love in my life and knowing that they love me right on back is something special. 

Knowing that my glass is most definitely half full, I wanted to dedicate an entire week in my blog life appreciating the things in my life and focusing on positive energy. I hope that in doing so, I can inspire you on focusing on how great your life is as well. 

Really, when you think about this life that we live and all of the beautiful people and things in it, it's hard not to feel thankful. Here is my list of things I am thankful for. If you are having a rough day, I highly encourage you to make a list of things that make you happy.

Better yet, if you have a friend that is having a bad day, make them a list of things you know will make them happy. I did this for a friend that was about to enter rehab for alcohol addiction and she said she read it every day and it helped her through.

21 Things That Make Me Happy
1. Discovering a new restaurant in town
2. Thinking of a great blog post idea
3. Finishing a DIY project, even if it ends up looking nothing like the "finished product"
4. Feeling that distinct crispness in the evenings during the transition from Summer to Fall
5. Laughing super hard with my sister about nothing special
6. Hearing my nephew's voice on the phone after a few months of not having talked and realizing how fast he is growing up... and knowing that I have time to know him better
7. Starting or finishing a new book
8. My puppy's health and never-ending love of cuddling
9. My mom's encouraging voice on the phone after a hard day at work
10. Freshly washed sheets
11. Halloween decorations and costume planning
12. Cheese
13. Watching my boyfriend play with his nieces and nephews
14. Waking up to find my boyfriend completely on my side of the bed, subconsciously crowding and cuddling me in his sleep
15. Waking up a few minutes before my alarm goes off
16. A really hearty helping of fresh spaghetti with pesto and crusty bread... mmm carb love
17. Knowing to appreciate change, no matter what the change is
18. Feeling totally at peace with my body. I think this has come with age and a really loving boyfriend
19. Celebrating my dad's 73rd birthday
20. Newly discovered luxury movie theater, Cineplois, where you can relax in leather recliner chairs and order seriously bomb food and drinks to your seat 
21. Dexter, Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, the Kardashians, Game of Thrones, Bob's Burgers, Tosh.0, American Horror Story and all my other bad TV show addictions that are coming back into play this Fall! 
So, I want to know, what makes YOU happy?


  1. I love your list and totally agree on pretty much everything. Except for waking up before my alarm. When that happens I get mad that I missed out on the extra 2 minutes of sleept, haha! :)

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  2. Yep, Halloween decorations, Fall tv shows, and discovering new restaurants! THAT is the best!
    xo TJ

  3. Love this post!! This week I'm so thankful for my husband (we are getting ready to celebrate our 3rd anniversary on Wed.). :-)

    Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings

  4. Cheese definitely makes my list too Holly!
    Also being able to support myself through school makes me extremely happy. Its hard work, but totally fulfilling :)

  5. Absolutely love your positive post ! I fall in love with your blog more and more each day : ) You're definitely my type of girl, I love Here Comes Honey Boo Boo too! Its so bad its good.

    Breakfast at Cindi’s

  6. I love this list of happy thoughts :-) It's the little things that count - especially delicious cheese!

  7. Love this Holly..and it's coming at a good time..need some reflection!
    Clean sheets, new great food place are definitely up there!
    A great cup of coffee at a son being affectionate with me...discovering new my body feels the day after a great work out..Homeland and Project Runway are my tv faves!!!!

  8. I love waking up with my dog nestled under my chin and sunbeams coming through the window.

    The way lacey curtains ruffle in the breeze.


    The feeling of horse's whiskers in my palm.

    An unexpected kiss.

  9. I've definitely been in that happy-loving life mood as well :) Definitely loving the cooler weather, autumn activities, great friends & family!

  10. Absolutely love your list, dear!! Aren't those movie theaters/restaurants the That's fancy living, right there. And I love cheese too. That definitely makes me happy. Starting or ending a book brings such a unique feeling of fun - - I would need to add that to my list too. I think it's time for me to make a list of 21 things that makes me happy as well. Loved reading yours Holly!!


  11. So darn cute Holly. Always good to check in and realize how blessed we are! focus on the things that make us happy!

  12. I am so with you on the Halloween decor, I'm excited October is here.
    ❤, Londa

  13. What a wonderful post! I know that I definitely need reminding some times of just how great my life really is. Looking forward to your week of posts.

  14. I love this list. Cheese! I so agree :) Feeling totally at peace with my body is something that makes me especially happy as it is such a huge change from how I used to feel. And it definitely is helped in no small part by having a really loving boyfriend. And today my very first pumpkin spice latté made me very happy!

  15. My favorite time of day has become nights when hub and I are on the couch, drinking a beer, watching one of our shows while I blog and he does his thing. We are both so content.

  16. Oh this is good, lady- your list just made me feel good! hmmm...for me it's: my amazing bf, knowing my family is alive and healthy, having my health, shopping for new fall trends, and bad tv. ;)

    xo Carlina

  17. Wow really needed this today! I better get going on my list. First off, my husband and doggie. :)

  18. what a cute entry~ Yes, October is so so great~


  19. wonderful post :))


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