Thursday, October 11, 2012

Creative Storage Solutions

I am having issues with jewelry organization. Not kidding. It's me and my earrings, bracelets, necklaces, sunglasses, bags, and shoes against the world.

I used to have a jewelry tree, but it blew over in a freak gust of wind accident and broke into a million pieces. My makeup is thrown into what I call the "hot mess drawer." Sunglasses are scattered and constantly lost. Handbags are stored so high on a shelf so high that I cannot reach them.

I would love to hear your creative storage solutions. How do you organize your jewelry, makeup, handbag and/or accessories? Any and all tips welcome!   

I recently found a super helpful Lucky Magazine article aptly called "How to Organize Your Stuff." They show you creative storage solutions that "let you flaunt your stuff or hide it all away." Love that.

Click on the article link to hear about their organizational tips related to each photo.

 Jen Ford Lucas Allen Chase Booth Rebecca Omweg

Some additional organizational photos...


  1. Love the top shoe idea... storing i boxes with framed pictures of the shoe is genius! For my jewelry, I like to display alot of it but still keep it organized. I use an old printer drawer like this:

    Also I use an old shutter to hang earrings on.

  2. loving the purse rack, that's what I need. My bags either end up in a big plastic box and come out all scrunched or they end up on the top shelf of our closet and I forget about them!

    great post!


  3. Girl, I am with you on the whole jewelry/shoes/purse situation! I have limited space, and it gets so cluttered with all that I have! I love the 3rd photo and the display of the handbags. Looks so clean, yet you are able to hold so many bags! I need this! or a bigger closet somewhere haha! I display some of my jewelry, but I need to organize my dresser so I can better fit it all!

    Thanks for sharing, it makes me want to re-organize my room now!


  4. These are great ideas! I used to have a pretty creative way of handling my jewelry- I have this ceramic deer head and hang and few pieces all over it! It was super cute, and it doubled as home decor.

    xo Carlina

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  6. I wish I had something as nice and pretty as any of these! I've been working on a better solution but in such a small (unpretty) rental space it kinda throws my creativity out the window.

  7. I would love to be so organized that I could take pictures of my shoes!
    Great inspiration!

  8. wow amazing pics! i'll use it for new inspiration soon, i hope :)

  9. You've got some great inspirational images to get you started there! I actually hang some of my most used necklaces on a key rack that is mounted to the wall beside my mirror. It's simple, but works like a charm, plus, I like that it displays the necklaces!

  10. I am in love with those storage ideas!! Amazing ideas for my bedroom!

    I am following you! Please do the same :)

    Rachael xoxo

  11. Holly, you've inspired me to get my stuff together in a fabulously fashionable way! I love how those neckalces are displayed....and the shoes in the case is genius. Thanks for another fantastic post!


  12. Okay so I have a Jewelry tree that I house all my daily goods. Then I have clear glass bowls on my dresser, one for rings, one for bracelets. I have a tie hook in my closet for long necklaces. My bags are in a closed standing closet from ikea..shelved..and my favorite shoes are displayed on a "book" shelf in my room..the rest in my closet. My favorite sunglasses are displayed in my living room on a plate on my console and the rest in the console drawer...Hope this helps some and gives you some ideas. It took me awhile but I like this system :)
    Sheree xxx

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  14. these are amazing! thanks for giving me alot of ideas, i've been struggling to store my heels, so hard to find the perfect storage. now i have some ideas :)

  15. Omg I wish I had room to add some of these things to my room, I love it all!


  16. Hey Holly!

    Love these tips! I always find myself with way too many shoes and no where to place them, love these idea's and your blog!

    xx Tasha

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  19. Oh wow I need to get organized-you've inspired me!! :) Your blog is awesome-just became a member/follower of your blog. I hope you'll follow me back and we can keep in touch. Happy Blogging!!! 

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  20. GENIUS! I love these suggestions! I've been cleaning like a mad person this week, so this is giving me brilliant ideas!


  21. This is such a great post. I wish I could get it together and make my room/closet look like these pictures:)
    xo, Chelsea

  22. holy crap I wish my closet and vanity looked like this lol

    thanks so much for stopping by my blog, I am following you back with pleasure !!

    70th and Chic

  23. Your blog is SO amazing! I am now a big big big follower and I am happy you are following me too! Have a wonderful weekend, and I am looking forward to more of your posts! :)

  24. Great inspirations i needed it <3 x

  25. I need better storage solutions too, at the moment everything ends up everywhere - I am literally the most disorganised person ever and I shouldn't be allowed nice things!! Haha. I absolutely love your blog! I'm following you and I'd love it if you could follow me back? Felicity x

  26. I absolutely adore the storing ideas!!!
    From Paris with love, Vicky

    The Golden Bun

  27. How funny we posted about the same thing on the same day! Love it!!
    These pics are all awesome too Holly, I'm a total storage-solution-freakazoid and this has given me loads of new ides so thank you :-)

    Vanessa x

  28. My friend is always jealous because he's a guy and he thinks he has a lot of shoes. He then looks at most of his girl friend's and is in shock at how many more shoes they have compared to him.



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