Friday, October 12, 2012

Lovely Little Lots // Natalie Merrillyn of Natalie Merrillyn

Hi glamourmash readers! I'm Natalie, blogger over at Natalie Merrillyn and I'm thrilled to be posting on Holly's blog today.

Our home is a constant work in progress and I feel like I'm always changing things around (we've also moved several times in the past several months which makes things challenging!) but here are some of my favorite little spots + details around the home.

{I love pretty gold details!}

{I found a pair of these on Craigslist -- such a score!}

{My version of open shelving in our kitchen.}

{Little details in the bathroom.}

{Love my pistachio KitchenAid!}

Thanks so much, Holly for having me today! And please stop by Natalie Merrillyn and say hello!

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Want to submit your Lovely Little Lot (or Lots)? I'd love to feature you! 
Just follow the submission guidelines below. I look forward to hearing from you!

Submission Details
1) Take at least three good quality photos of your Lovely Little Lots or Lot.
2) Describe your lovely little lots in detail. Describe why you chose the space and why you like it, where the space is in your home, discuss any significance or special meaning behind the items included in the space and where you got the items (if you know).
3) Include your name, email, blog/website and a photo of yourself.
4) Send all items to with "Lovely Little Lots" in the subject line
5) If we move forward with your "Lovely Little Lots," I will reply back to you with a date and set of basic questions.

If you read GlamourMash on the regular, please keep in mind the design aesthetic (glamorous, modern, boho, chic) if you are planning to submit your "Lovely Little Lots." No deadline to submit!

Read more about the Lovely Little Lots series and submission details HERE


  1. everything looks so tidy ! i wish i can manage that too. :)

  2. So so cute, I'm OBSSESED with that pistachio kitchen aid! Such a cute home :)

    XO, Adropofbliss.Blogspot.Com

  3. Loved this! I relate to Natalie in so many ways, like the shopping habit and organizing (and I think we have more or less the same time blogging) ;)

  4. Lovely post :) I'm drooling over the decor in those pics :)

  5. nice post, i enjoyed reading it :)

  6. nice post dear :) I absolutely love your blog! And thank you so much for your comment. I definitely follow back :) Maybe we wanna like facebook or other pages too?


  7. Love your 'lovely little lots'! I always look forward to them and the bloggers answers. Love Natalie's blog as well.. great feature! Happy weekend!!


  8. Such a great post!! Thanks for your comment. Now following you on gfc.

  9. Fun blog! I really enjoyed your lovely little lots!


  10. what a furniture set! I might be stealing those :P

    visit my web if you like!
    "SAY 'isle of view' 5 TIMES,
    WELL, 'isle if view' BACK"


  11. I love that lamp!

  12. Holly!! Thank you so much for visiting/following my blog:)! So glad you found me! I'm following you back! Love your blog too! It's so chic and professional:)! Looking forward to all your posts! And btw...I think this "Lovely Little Lots" is such a great idea:))!

  13. This is such a great post! Love Natalie and so glad to have found your blog!
    ♡ Lexi @ Glitter, Inc.

  14. Your LLL is like getting a big present every Friday- I love seeing this piece in my blogger posts. I always discover new bloggers I would have never heard of!

    xo Carlina

  15. Nice pics!Lovely blog. What about following each other?

  16. Everything looks great <33
    you have a lovely blog
    anyway, I've followed you, mind to follow me back? <33

    come and see my blog,

  17. love this post natalie!! and a new follower of glamourmash now!! xoxo

  18. Gorgeous LLL Holly, I love Natalie's gold feather in the first pic! Heading over to check out her blog now :-)

    Vanessa x

  19. Lovely post. I'm currently coveting a baby pink KA stand mixer but your pistachio pic has me second guessing :) xA

  20. Wonderful post! I love using the glass candle as a makeup brush cup after it's done!


  21. aw thank you Holly for your sweet comment! sorry I took so long to respond :(
    I am your new follower too! I like these posts! :D


  22. I want a copy of "I Married Adventure" so bad! I just love the vintage zebra cover on it. What a great score and lovely home!

  23. I like that your open shelving rack. Things tend to get forgotten about when they are hidden away in cabinets and pantries.


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