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Decorating with the Zodiac

What are your thoughts on astrology? I find that when I'm having a particularly bad day, I tend to look up my horoscope to try to explain away the injustices in the world. I mean, surely the position of the moon and stars are to blame for my bad hair day or lack of creativity in the office? 

Regardless of what you believe, I am a fan of zodiac art in the home. Check out how the zodiac has been used in these stylish spaces

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While we're on the topic, I found a fun site that claims that each zodiac sign has its own sense of design and taste. The article included a brief snapshot of the design aesthetics of each sign. Do you think your aesthetic fits the zodiac description? 

The Aries individual enjoys the colors in the warmer spectrum such as orange or red. This is because Rams 
are a fire sign. This energetic sign needs space to flit around, so spare minimal furniture in colors such as grey, 
brown, or black are the most suitable. The Aries individual prefers square shapes and also prefers a space with 
carpet as opposed to bare floors. They love to cozy up with loved ones in front of a crackling fireplace. The Ram 
loves fine wine so there is often a wine cellar somewhere in their home.
This traditional sign prefers furniture and decorations that are in a more rustic or country style. Ruffles, 
cottons, floral prints, and shabby chic appeals to this earth sign’s taste. However, as they are great cooks, 
they prefer their stove and fridge be state of the art. They also usually have the biggest state of the art 
television in their home as well. This sign enjoys watching their favorite shows with the family. Children 
and pets are important so there is also often a swing set or dog house in the backyard.
This is one of the most artistic signs in the zodiac and their taste in furniture may reflect it. Most of them love 
antiques and they are particularly fond of the Italian modernist styles. Plastic furniture and gadgets also capture 
this sign’s imaginations. Geminis love to party and often have elaborately outfitted kitchens and bars in their 
homes. They are also big collectors of unusual modern art, antique books, and eclectic items, such as Tai Chi 
swords or Chinese fans.

The Cancer native is a very traditional sign when it comes to home decor and personal comfort takes precedence 
over everything else. Big soft couches and chairs and big fluffy beds please them the most. They also prefer a 
dining room with a very large table that seats at least twelve because they have many friends that they love to 
entertain. They can be a bit untidy because they love to hoard things that they have found for free on the street 
or as bargains at flea markets.

The sign of Leo finds it hard to settle down, but they are genius at making do with very little. They can take a 
number of different styles of furniture to create a look that has their unique personal stamp on it.  The Lion has 
a lot of physical energy so many of them of exercise equipment in their homes. They are showoffs in bed as well 
and voted most likely to have a mirror in the bedroom. Leopard and zebra skin patterns may be shown off in their 

The Virgo is fastidiously neat and prefers all new furniture unless it is a very special antique piece that is worth 
a lot of money. Otherwise, the taste of the Virgo native is ultra modern. This sign loves furniture stores like Ikea, 
simply because the company offers so much shelving and organizational systems. The Virgo also likes easy to clean 
expanses of hardwood floor and dislikes clutter. Pure white is this sign’s favorite color.

Libra is about balance and generally seeks harmony in home decor. Symmetry in furniture is key. Librans are 
experts in color and generally prefer pastel colors. They strive to create an ambience that allows them relax and 
enjoy solitary time. Librans have strong aesthetic tastes and know how to incorporate their sense of design into 
their homes.

The Scorpion loves luxury and it is reflected in their taste for furniture made out of leather and other animal 
pelts, as well as expensive designer pieces. Mirror and the colors black and red are often present in the Scorpio’s 
home, as are the latest gadgets for amusing guests such as electric fondue pots and wine cooler dispenses. If it is 
state of the art, the Scorpio will want to purchase it. Scorpions usually also have the latest DVD, refrigerator or 
computer system in their home.

The Sagittarius sign is a bit messy and this can be reflected in their home furnishing, which is usually a mix of 
antique and modern pieces. The most important thing to this social sign is a large table for entertaining. They 
love art and eccentric furniture from other cultures and many of them own collections of antique books and 
Persian carpets. They love furniture made out of carved woodland lacquered Chinese furniture.

This sign excels at home decoration and has expensive but simple tastes. The Capricorn is also very good at 
organization and their homes are often pristine. They love to collect works of art and are not afraid to invest in 
more fashionable pieces that also become the show pieces of their home. As they are excellent cooks, they also 
insist on having a state of the art kitchen with the latest stainless steel stove and fridge.

This visionary sign is known for loving things from the future and it makes sense that they also like modernist 
furniture and also retro post modernist Italian designs. They also love the latest gadgets and their kitchens are 
almost always stocked with the latest high tech griddle or ice cream maker. The Aquarian is also very conscious 
of Feng Shui, so you are bound to find a fountain somewhere in their home. As they are a sign that is synonymous 
with caring for the earth, they are also conscientious recyclers. 

The Pisces native will always go for the most comfortable furniture that can be found. They tend to go for more 
traditional or rustic styles. They also love decoration with rustic objects and antiques, such as old gothic 
candelabras or old chandeliers. There is usually some kind of water feature like a fountain or aquarium in the 
home of the sign of the fish. They also tend to have luxurious bathroom.


  1. That second image is so pretty! I love this look!

  2. Great inspirations! And I'm a Pisces- but I gotta say, that isn't totally true of my style. True, I do like traditional things, but rustic has never been my thing- or water features. I must be a terrible Pisces :)

  3. Love these spaces..very cool look of the zodiac..I am so a Leo!
    Sheree xxx

  4. Wow that's a great !

    I really like this decoration, well done :) :) :)



  5. Whoa, the Virgo blurb is spot on for me!!

  6. This is a cool post! I'm a virgo, but a very messy one! I'm not always sure what to think of my horoscope because it is normally right, I just don't have any of the characteristics of a virgo. Weird!


  7. that is such an amazing idea!
    Xo Megan,

  8. This is so much fun! I'm a pisces and do like my "rustic" furnishings:)
    xo, Chelsea

  9. Ummmm so just as I was about to say that I don't read or believe in horoscopes, I read mine. It was spot on.

  10. Like the horoscope images and the horoscope is dead on with my Gemini ways, eclectic.

  11. Oh my gosh - I'm loving this post for so many reasons! I'm such a astrological geek, I read my horoscope every day and my boyfriend makes fun of me - whoops....

    Love the decoration inspiration too - I might have to get one of those posters and sneak it into our apartment ;)


  12. Loving the pillows


  13. Thank you girl :)
    I like this pictures!



  14. This nailed both my husband's and my own personal style perfectly! I've been eyeing that constellation globe they are selling at Urban Outfitters. Thinking of infusing a little bit of the stars into my own decor.

  15. Ok, my horoscope basically called me a hoarder. This is semi-true.
    Thanks for including my old living room. I have to tell you the gallery will reappear bigger and better than before in my new house.


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