Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Stanley Kubrick Exhibit at the LACMA

Clint and I usually love spending Sundays watching movies in bed or checking out the local breakfast spot, but on this particular Sunday, Clint entertained my idea of taking a day trip to the LACMA to see the Stanley Kubrick exhibit. 

We are both big fans of Stanley Kubrick. His work is visually stunning, incredibly complex and at times, seriously disturbing... cough cough Lolita, A Clockwork Orange and The Shining. If you are in the area, be sure to check it out. Here are some photos of my favorite pieces at the exhibit.

Alex's costume from A Clockwork Orange

Blonde dummie from the opening scene of A Clockwork Orange

Scale model of the hedge maze in The Shining

Creep-tastic typewriter from The Shining

Grady Sister outfits from The Shining

Kubrick's movie poster masterpieces 

Hanging out by the Variety Building (dweeb status)

Clint channeling Gene Kelley in Singin' in the Rain


  1. What a cool exhibit. I'd love to see that!

  2. Love the "blonde", her hair is to die for.
    Also, the mini maze is awesome, reminds me of Alice and Wonderland.
    Love the arts!
    ♥, Londa

  3. Wow !!!! That is amazing ! And photos are beautiful !


  4. What a fun exhibit! I love to visit places like that!


  5. love your glasses in that picture!


  6. Nice exibition :)

    like your blog!

  7. How friggin cute are you?! That is an exhibit my boyfriend and I would love to see. We are going to have to fit that into our schedules somehow!

  8. awesome!
    I'm a huge fan of kubrick as well.. wish I could go to this exhibit..thanks for sharing the photos!

  9. Love these photos Holly! To be honest, I've never seen a Stanley Kibrick movie - I have such a phobia of blood that I will literally pass out if a movie gets too gross (yeah, not such an awesome phobia to have). Luckily, I have a boyfriend that enjoys watching movies and then fills me in on the plot lines - so maybe I'll have him catch me up on some of these, haha.


  10. i love the singing in the rain pose! :)


  11. Oh how interesting! The items from the Shining, esp the typewriter just reminded me of how scared I was when I watched the movie.

  12. I always want to have a picture around those lamps as well! Exhibition looks interesting too!

    kisses from FL

  13. You know Holly, I always liked you, but now you've been upgraded to soulmate status. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Stanley Kubrick! If I could resurrect one person, it would be him. 2001: A Space Oydessy is my favorite film of all started my love affair with cinema and forever changed my life. Its depiction of space travel and mankind's future remains unsurpassed and humanity still hasn't caught up. A monolith in cinematic history, and ditto for all of his films. He was a revolutionary filmmaker. I can't help but feel an incredible sadness when I watch his films, knowing that there will never be another SB movie.

    I'm epically jealous that you had the opporutnity to attend this exhibition. I would have combusted with a geekasm!


  14. I LOVE his movies! what a fun exhibit...those twin dresses still freak me out! What a fun date


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