Thursday, December 27, 2012

Neon Lighting = Sexy Lighting

When it comes to interior decor, lighting can be everything. It can make or break a room, 
setting the mood from romantic to ethereal or soft to harsh. 

When you think of luxe lighting, neon lighting doesn't necessarily top the list but I'd like you to reconsider. Look at how beautiful the neon lighting makes the rooms in the photos below. 

"Live in rooms full of light." -Cornelius Celsus
"Turn your face to the sun and the shadows fall behind you." -Maori Proverb
"In the right light, at the right time, everything is extraordinary." -Aaron Rose

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  1. I so love this. Wish I could pull it off. Afraid I cannot!

  2. These look AMAZING and I actually think they would look fab in a living room...I just absolutely hate the wires. But if you can maintain it organized and clean, it's a fabulous addition to any room. Very cool idea.

  3. These are cute, and would look great in like an office area.


  4. I actually really like this idea, especially the one from first picture!


  5. I don't know why I always used to think neon lighting was tacky - all of the ones in these pictures look great! I want one (or five) haha!


  6. This has such a cool decorating option, love it!

  7. Love the 'you only live once'

  8. The dream over the bed is the best! You always find the chicest pictures- I should def follow you on Pinterest- what's your name on there?

    xo Carlina

  9. So cute!
    I especially love the come with me and mercy ones

  10. I seriously need one of these! Been on the hunt for the perfect saying, perfect color, and perfect price!

  11. I wish I had a neon sign above my bed hehe love these photos xx

  12. lovely blog.

  13. I'm in love with the room in photo 1 - the neon light, those white sheets and that cute little perfect!

    Happy New Year! x

  14. Wow, that looks so cute hanging over the bed!!

  15. This is such a great idea! Love the white one. Thanks for checking out my blog :)
    xx Allie


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