Thursday, December 27, 2012

Umbrella Love

It's been raining here in San Diego and you know what that means... an excuse 
to break out rain boots, hats, scarves and umbrellas! 

And speaking of umbrellas, how stinkin' cute are these umbrellas!? I cannot get over how adorable the design and color is on every single one! These little beauties are brought to you by the San Francisco Umbrella Company.

Can't you just imagine walking your pup underneath one of these umbrellas on a rainy day?! I just loooove these! Definitely going to buy the back and white terrier one for me and my terrier pup!

The SF Umbrella Company has many of the major breeds so you're sure to find one that suits you :) Oh, and don't worry cat lovers. They have cute kitty cat umbrellas as well.


  1. These umbrellas are beautiful! I love the variety of colors they come in.

    xoxo, Meera |

  2. Oh my god! And they are so cheap! I am buying two right now. One for Stella and one for Billie!

  3. If I were a dog fan I would think these were amazingly adorable. So over my do after having 2 ;)
    sheree xx

  4. Adorable! I didn't even know there was an SF umbrella company, and I'm from there. Anyways stay dry, dear- and hope you had a nice holiday!

    xo Carlina

  5. It's been pouring and storming for 2 days here. Sat supposed to get snow! Love these umbrella's I could really have used these when I lived in Seattle : O Following on Bloglovin!

    Ali of:

  6. I would welcome rain if I could sport one of those gorgeous unbrellas! Hope you're managing to stay dry and still enjoy the end of the holidays!


  7. OMG One Kings Lane had these for Christmas and I was obsessed! I want a Lola one so bad it hurts!

  8. These are some of the cutest umbrellas I have seen! I think I need to invest:)

  9. These umbrellas are adorable!I want the gray and yellow one!

  10. those umbrellas are that cute dear
    x the cookies


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