Thursday, February 14, 2013

An Open Love Letter To Clinton

Happy Valentine's Day Everybody! What are you doing tonight? Romantic Dinner? Girls Night Out? Sexy time? SPILL!

So, in case I haven't told everyone on the face of the planet just yet...
I am SO in love with this man.

This is his "I'm having a good hair day and I know it" face.

In case you haven't met the boy yet, let me formally introduce you to Clinton... a.k.a. Clint... a.k.a. Clintasaurus Rex... a.k.a. Punn-asaurus Rex... a.k.a. The Absolute Love of My Life. Clint and I have dated for a few years and he makes me so very happy.

I took these pictures a few months ago on our day trip to the LACMA. We usually love spending Sundays watching movies in bed or having breakfast at our local greasy spoon, but on this particular Sunday, Clint entertained my idea of taking a day trip to the LACMA to see the Stanley Kubrick exhibit. 

Before going into the exhibit, we decided to share a coke and look over the museum map. I pulled out my camera to snap some photos of Clint because he was looking especially festive and handsome, and I'm so happy I did. These pictures capture his personality perfectly (he's pretty silly).

I love you Clinton Losey. You make every day funner than the last.
You are my best friend... my partner in crime... my every little thing. 

I can't wait for the years to come and more memories to be made. 

Love, Me

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  1. SO adorable...him and you both!
    I hope you continue to have many wonderful years together..aka..don't get!
    Sheree xxx

  2. Aww :) Happy Valentines Day to you both :)

  3. SOOO cute. Hope you two have a great day together! xo

  4. So cute! Happy valentine's day Holly!!

  5. Aw Happy Valentine's day. Be happy with your man :)
    Aree With Umbrella

  6. Very sweet message. Nice to meet you Clintasaurus Rex! Smile!

    ♥, LONDA

    PS, Happy V-Day!

  7. Awww so sweet! He looks like a nice guy! Happy Valentine's Day to you both! :)


  8. AWWWW!!! Happy Valentine's Day pretty lady! Clinton is a lucky man :) Hope he has something special up his sleeve today!

  9. So cute! Happy Valentine's Day to you guys!


  10. Aw so precious!
    Happy Valentine's Day

  11. This really does capture Clint in a nut shell! Love these pictures, he's so silly! Miss you bestie & Happy Valentine's Day XOXO

  12. Una fotos muy divertidas!! jiji


  13. Oh my gosh - you are so cute Holly! I'm so happy you found such a fabulous guy who makes you so happy - I always love love :)


  14. These photos are hilarious - what a cutie! Hope you two had a fabulous Valentine's Day together :-)

  15. Amazing! Love & miss you both so much. Such a sweet letter and awesome photos of Clint. Clearly you both are meant to be :) Xoxo

  16. Awww so sweet! He's very handsome, I bet you guys look so cute together :-)

    Vanessa x


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