Wednesday, February 13, 2013

DIY Valentine Heart Pin and A Video to Warm Your Heart

Have you all met Kristen from Just a Girl and Her Little Dog? Kristen made THE CUTEST video on how to put together the perfect Valentine's Day lunch for the girls! You MUST watch it below. It just puts a smile on my face every time I watch it :) 

Oh, and her adorable pink-haired rockstar puppy, Lola, makes an appearance about 20 seconds in! 

What I loved about this video was that Kristen features a DIY that I just happened to make as well:  Cutout Valentine Heart Pins! This is just the easiest and cutest DIY and you can use the final product as decoration, as a pin on your dress or as a place settings like Kristen did! 

Here's a quick and easy tutorial to create the Valentine's Day Heart Pins! 

colored pieces of felt
scissors (I used a patterned scissor)
embroidery thread or whatever you have laying around
stuffing (I used cotton balls)
sewing needle

Neatly lay two squares of  equal sized felt squares on top of one another. Cut out the shape of a heart on the two pieces of fabric. I like to free hand this part because it gives the hearts some more character but feel free to use a stencil if you want the lines to be more precise.

Using your embroidery thread, sew the two heart shapes together all around the edge, about 1/8th of an inch from the edge. Stop before you get all the way around the heart so you can add the stuffing. 

Using a pencil or chop stick or something of the like, stuff the heart tightly with your stuffing.

Once the heart is stuffed, finish sewing around the heart to close the gap. Tie a knot on the backside of the stitching and then stick the needle through the back of the heart, being careful not to poke through the front. Tie a knot where the thread comes through the end very close to the heart.

Time to thread on the pin! Start by first threading a knot through the loop in the pin and then start threading through the entire length of the pin and then tie another knot. Cut the thread and you are dunzo!

Go show everyone just how sew-savvy you are!
Hey mama, if you are reading this, your heart pin is in the mail!

Also, Alison of Heart of Gold and Luxury is doing a feature on my GlamourMash Shop Today! Please be sure to stop by and check it out HERE! Thanks Alison!



  1. That video is great! Kristen's dog is so cute!

  2. I love those pins. I'm going out on Friday night and think maybe I should make some for all of us :)

  3. What a cute idea!! I'm so bad at DIY stuff, but I always admire all you crafty ladies that can rock homemade accessories. :)

    See Mo Go.

  4. Well, well, well we have a crafter on our hands I see! ;)

    Too cute!

    xo Carlina
    p.s. I'm giving away a Tart lace top on my blog- a perfect me V-day gift- you should enter!!

  5. i love kristen's video - it really is so sweet! and this is a great diy too!

  6. such a nice idea! great diy for valentines day ;)

    maybe we can follow each other? let me know dear, i will follow back of course ;)

  7. this is a GREAT idea! i love it! so cute. i am a sucker for DIY projects so this is just the best! I am so excited to follow you on GFC!

    i hope you follow back so we can stay in touch!

  8. We must be on the same brainwave... I posted a photo this morning of a puffy heart garland that I recently whipped up! It's made similarly, but I sure as heck didn't make a rad little tutorial and share an adorable video. :) I like your style, girl!

  9. Me gusta, te copio la idea!!


  10. That's so cute... kind of want to make lots of them and hang them all over the place!

  11. Awe this is too cute, I wish I had the patients to be that craft =/


  12. I want to go to a party like that! And I love the video idea! Unfortunately, I didn't make any Valentine's crafts this year, but a friend of mine made Valentine fortune cookies out of red felt that were so cute! Each had a Valentine ribbon inside with a "be mine" or something printed on it. I think I'm going to steal her idea and do that next year!

    On another note, you guys have amazing craft beer in SD! I used to live there and my brother lives there now - I just went to Ballast Point, Green Flash and Societe over Thanksgiving! Such good beer! :)

    Happy Valentine's Day girl!


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