Thursday, April 11, 2013

Sexy Hair // Sexy Wedding

Sexy Hair Concepts contacted me after I put my love for their Soy Tri-Wheat Leave in Conditioner on blast a few weeks ago in THIS post and asked if I would like to sample a few of their latest products: 

Big Sexy Hair Color Safe Volumizing Treatment 
Big Sexy Hair Big Altitude Bodifying Blow Dry Mousse

Of course I agreed as I am a huge fan of all the Sexy Hair Concept products that I have tried in the past. I can't even begin to tell you how much volume these products gave my hair. I've used "volumizing" products in the past and thought that they made a slight difference... but now that I've tried a REAL volumizing product, I will never, ever touch another product in my life besides these! They deliver serious results that last for several days on end!  

Here are some tips and tricks for both products:
Big Sexy Hair Color Safe Volumizing Treatment: 
This deep conditioning treatment is formulated to nourish and replenish fine hair without weighing it down. Infused with botanical extracts, the formula prepares hair to its most “style primed” state to better receive styling aids by providing a perfectly conditioned canvas to work with.
• Infused with a lime basil mango tropical scent for a sensuous styling experience,
• Contains botanical extracts to help repair, condition and strengthen hair
• Vitamin B3 is added to keep hair smooth and moisturized, while increasing body
• Lemongrass works to control excess oil and improve hair volume and bounce for style that won’t collapse (Retails for $16.95 at

Big Sexy Hair Big Altitude Bodifying Blow Dry Mousse: 
Give your hair body, shine and fullness without the product buildup or feel of a traditional mousse. The product contains Voluminis™, a protein copolymer blend that attaches to each hair strand, helping to align hair on top of itself, strand by strand from root to tip, building natural looking volume. Big Altitude also protects your hair from mechanical and environmental damage while maintaining movement and style memory. Your hair will be left with zero drag and plenty of bounce all through spring and summer. Great for both short and long hair, the versatility of the product enables hair to go from bouncy to textured and everything in between.
• For a pixie cut, use a golf ball size amount of product
• For a bob, use a lemon size amount of product
• For long hair, use a baseball size mound, or try two smaller amounts, one applied after the other
(MSRP: $17.95 at

Don't be afraid to mix this with other products. I used my Soy Tri-Wheat Leave in Conditioner as usual and it did not affect the volume of my hair at all. These products are now available at select salons as well as Click on the below coupon for $3.50 off any $10 purchase at Ulta.

P.S. Here are some pics from my friend's wedding. I used these products in my hair and it turned out looking fab! 

*This post sponsored by Sexy Hair Concepts. All opinions are my own. 


  1. Thank you for the review and sharing the photos - you all look so beautiful! x

  2. Might have to give this a shot! I have very fine hair, and no products seem to work well. Sooo I result to teasing sections at this point :) wedding pictures are gorgeous!

  3. You look like a little sex kitten!I love these products so I am going to give these two a whirl!

  4. These products sound great! I will have to try!

  5. Absolutely LOVE the Big Sexy Line. I love the volumizing mousse. I might need to try it with the Treatment. hmmm..

    xx- Jamie @

  6. Great pictures hot stuff! I'm going to give that first product a try for sure!

  7. I love their products! I use one of the hair sprays and a root boost. I should check out the leave in conditioner too.

  8. my hair could always use some volume, so i might need to try these out. also those wedding pictures are gorgeous! looks so beautiful and love the uniqueness of the bridesmaids dresses. everyone looks fabulous!

  9. Such a pretty wedding, you seriously lucked out with her choice in bridesmaid dresses! These are so cute. I am always on the look out for great hair products. Must give these a try.

  10. What an AMAZING wedding! You all look so beautiful- and yeah I have hair envy.


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