Friday, April 12, 2013

Vixen Fashion Blog Launch Party || Quality Social

I had such a great time at the Vixen Fashion Blog Launch Party on Wednesday at Quality Social in downtown San Diego! It is the first Vixen pop-up boutique event that I have been to and it did not disappoint. There were local clothing and jewelry vendors, a live art show, fashion show, yummy food, even yummier cocktails and music by DJ Drenik! It was an all around amazing time! Did I mention that I had my very own Private VIP Ride there thanks to Uber!

The Owner of Vixen and party planner extraordinaire, Venessa Johnson, did such an amazing job and did I mention that she is 9 months pregnant too... like due on Tuesday pregnant! Any woman that can pull off her level of chicness and party throwingwhile they are 9 months pregnant is a hero in my mind! 

Here are some pics from the event:

Here I am admiring the art from Thumbprint Gallery and drinking my signature Dirty Shirley Cocktail! 

Some models workin' it on the runway! 

Some of the fab vendors included Street Chic and Savvi Jewels

My gorgeous sister double fisting it! ha! How rad are her pants!? 

And this gem... I had to take a picture with this fashion savvy man! 

Oh, and in case you were wondering...


  1. Looks like your outfit...have a great weekend.

  2. so much fun..awesome pics and I love the graphic tee with the stripes..gorgeous!
    sheree xx

  3. Thank you for sharing the photos, sweetie. You and your sister look so pretty! X

  4. How fun! I love your striped blazer!

  5. Looks like so much fun. Love the blazer!!!

    xx- Jamie @

  6. Looks like a great time! You looked great! And YAY for a a private ride- FANCY.

  7. Looks like you had an amazing time!

    ♥, LONDA

  8. How fun!! And you look fantastic! I wish there were cool, fashion events here. A girl can dream, right?

    Have a great weekend!

  9. Love your outfit. Looks like lots of fun!!! Don't forget to link up to my show me your favorite spring trend link up and enter my giveaway for a $300 gift card to Old Navy/Gap/Banana Republic.


  10. you look fabulous and looks like a lot of fun too. have a wonderful weekend!

  11. This looks amazing! Still bummed I missed it. I love finding local designers!

  12. I am so sad I missed it and esp missed that fantastic man. Who is he and can we see him again?? Ha!

    Classy with a Kick

    1. Right!? He is the owner/designer of the Salon De Marcus downtown! He is FUN!

  13. Love your outfit...but HE is knock-your-socks-off fabulous! I want his blazer (pocket square, brooch, and all). Have a lovely weekend!

  14. Loved the sad I was not able to attend. Checkout my blog Holly...www.sandiegofashionstyleart. Would love to connect with you!

  15. FUN, love this little sneak peek into your life! Gotta love blogger events, and congrats on the VIP ride!!

    xo Carlina

  16. Look like a lot of fun, and you look stunning as always!


  17. Looks like a fabulous event! Love your outfit & your sisters!


  18. Umm...can we switch lives?! Please and thank you?! Clearly I'm not living right!! Gorgeous photos! Looks like a blast!

  19. I love your blog and your inspirations!!! Read my way trough it and I am delighted!!! Would be awesome If you‘d take a look at my Blog too - would love to keep in touch with you! Maybe you like to follow each other!?

    Lots of Love, Kyra

  20. Loving your style and the outfit. Would you like to follow each other?



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