Friday, May 10, 2013

The Golden Girl

Hey my beautiful readers! Tell me your weekend plans!!!

In reverse... I am going to celebrate Mother's Day with my mama on Sunday, plan my friend's bachelorette and bridal shower with a pack of my lovely girls on Saturday and then watch The Great Gatsby and welcome home my boyfriend from the Kentucky Derby on Friday! 

Ok, so today The Great Gatsby comes out in theaters and I am freaking OUT! I am more than halfway through the book and want to finish it before I see the movie tomorrow! Problem is, I have like 30 minutes of free time tomorrow so I am hoping to speed read the heck out of the book!!

So, I have been having quite the obsession with gold belts lately. They are a simple addition but can have such a huge impact on an outfit. Here are some of my to picks. What do you think of the gold belt trend!?


  1. These are the shit. Number 6 is my jam.

  2. You know I love anything gold, these pieces are fantastic Holly!

  3. oooh love all of these gold belts - i have such a gold obsession too. and i'm hoping to see gatsby soon as well. i haven't read the book probably since high school, but i remember loving it! have a beautiful weekend!

  4. I'm obsessed with gold belts, just ordered one from ASOS yesterday!

  5. The peplum belt is so cool! Which the last one wasn't out of stock- I've been searching for that exact belt!

    Xo, Amanda

  6. I've been dying for a gold belt for years now and I can never find one I like. I love #3 but still looking for the one I am dreaming of! Why are they so hard to find???

    Happy weekend, Holly!

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    Classy with a Kick

  7. absolutely in love with #1 :)

    kisses from NYC

  8. Great belt selections!!! I'm reorganizing a girlfriend's closet and then we are doing mother's day and the boys are spoiling me. I can't wait!!!


  9. Very beautiful, especially the last one!!!
    You cannot go wrong with gold :)

  10. OMG I am loving your finds, the ASOS and Topshop are amazing!


  11. Oh my, that ASOS peplum belt is sick! Gotta have it!


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