Friday, June 14, 2013

Book Review // Paleo Fitness

We've all heard of the Paleo Diet, right? The diet plan has been trending in the fitness world and many of my friends and fellow bloggers have adapted the lifestyle as well. Initially, the Paleo Diet seemed simple enough to me: You just have to eat like a cave man (or woman) would have eaten.... lean meats, fowl, fish, eggs, vegetables, nuts, fruit... you get the idea. But there's more to the diet plan and more heath benefits to the diet plan than I realized. 

I have considered giving the paleo diet Plan a go, but I am never one to fully commit to any diet or fitness plan. But, after reading Paleo Fitness by Darryl Edwards, I have come to realize that Paleo is a diet plan of value that I can work into some of my lifestyle. Not 100% of the time, but part of the time. 

And an aspect of the paleo plan that I can work into my lifestyle 100% of the time is the fitness component. Paleo fitness is right up my alley. Paleo fitness is based on practical and playful movement. You don't just "work out," you "play out."

If you are interested in learning more about the paleo lifestyle, I highly recommend reading "Paleo Fitness," by Darryl Edwards. The book was broken into three parts. The first part included a short intro. The second part described paleo nutrition and includes a 2 week meal plan. The third part described paleo fitness moves and also includes three months worth of weekly workouts. You can purchase the book HERE.

Another great source for info on the Paleo lifestyle is from my girl, Danielle, over at Breakfast at Toast. She recently posted a blog post called "Paleo 101," which includes interesting tidbits on her paleo journey as well as some great additional resources.

Have you tried Paleo or know anyone that has? What are your thoughts?

I wanted to quickly disclose that Beth over at Beth Cook PR sent me a copy of this book to review, but I can promise you that my review is based on my own personal experience.


  1. I must admit, as a nutritionist, I am not a great supporter of this way of eating. Although I do believe that people overuse the carbs, I know for the fact that it is overuse of meat and animal products that are more likely to cause several forms of cancer and other health problems compared to grains, particularly if one has whole grains and stays away from wheat and, ideally, gluten. So I wouldn't advice anyone to go with Paleo 100%, but of course, it's a personal choice, which I understand. Hope it works for you.

    1. I've been Paleo for a couple of years now and have never felt better. I would get a blood test and make sure everything is ok after you embark on paleo. I eat meat, fish, nuts and lots of fruits and vegetables. What could be healthier?

      The book is fantastic, thanks for the review and please let me know how you progress with the fitness program and food!

  2. Too hard for me! It's important to eat healthy things but diet ... I think it's just not for me. I've been living for years between Paris and Milan so french macaroons and italian pasta. I love to eat pastries, pasta, pizza, ... I don't think I could live without those delicious things unfortunately. I prefer to keep enjoying these pleasures of life sparingly, no excess and that's all.
    But good luck it you try Paleo diet!!!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. I have heard people talking about the Paleo diet but I don't know that much about it. It seems like you don't get to eat much, other than like meat (which I am not a huge fan of). And I like carbs. And if I don't eat carbs, I become a mean angry person (I did Adkins for a while in high school and I was really unpleasant...). But I may have to learn more about it because now you have me curious!

  4. I've heard fantastic things about the Paleo diet. My friend's fiance lost like 40-50 lbs on it. Good luck!


    Jules of Canines & Couture

  5. Interesting...I hadn't even heard of it....but I'm glad I know about it now. I will look into it. And if you start it let us know how it goes!

    1. I've had great results Albertina, and have managed to stick with it for a long time. Best of luck!

  6. I tried Paleo not too long ago and literally it made me feel sooooo much better in and out. It was a bit strict so obviously I feel off the diet. But I am most definetly going to start back up. Love this...
    xx- Jamie @ Makeuplifelove


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