Thursday, September 19, 2013

Fun Updates

Every once in a while, an interior will just blow me away. This image did that for me.

There are so many elements I love in this bath... the light fixture, the epic wallpaper and the way it complements the pink shower curtain, the gorgeous mix of marble.... I would love to design a bath like this one day. What do you guys think? Is it your style or no way!?

P.S. I'm SO VERY excited to announce that one of my fave shops, The Printed Palette, is going to start carrying my GlamourMash necklace line. In case you don't know, The Printed Palette is an online boutique and related blog and they just recently opened their brick and mortar store in Carlsbad! The owner, Alissa, is such a gem and really has an eye for beautiful pieces. Be sure to drop in their virtual store HERE or, better yet, drop by their store in Carlsbad for some fabulous shopping! 

I also just found out they are hosting a pop-up event at West Elm in Mission Valley this Saturday {9/21}. Map HERE. They will be there from 11am until 4pm and will be selling merch and raffling off tons of fun prizes. 


  1. That bathroom is gorgeous! I love how different it is!


  2. Like the pink in the bath...also congrats! Enjoy hosting.

  3. That's such great news! I'm loving the colors of that pretty bathroom too!

  4. Love the marble tiles in the bathroom!
    Congratulations for your necklaces :)
    Have a lovely weekend!

  5. congrats on your necklaces being picked up! ;)

    xo Carlina

  6. Congrats lady, so happy for you!
    sheree xxx

  7. So pretty--just pinned! And congrats on The Printed Palette!
    xo, Angelica

  8. That bathroom is one of my all time favorites. That color combo just blows me away. And congratulations on working with The Printed Palette. That's awesome news!


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