Monday, September 16, 2013

Pretty Packaging

I am a giant sucker for packaging. Pretty packaging can sway me to buy just about anything! Just last week, I bought a hand soap that smelled awful but the packaging was sooo pretty. It's now in our bathroom to Clint's dismay :) 

Despite my love for packaging, I am a horrible present wrapper. Seriously- I'm just awful at it. I always run out of paper half way through or can't figure out how to properly wrap an odd shaped gift... my family cracks up at my skills every year at Christmas. So now it's kind of my trademark thing: "Holly- The Epic Gift Wrapper." 

So I am determined to perfect my skills and that's where Knot & Bow comes in. Knot & Bow is an adorable Etsy Store that I stumbled across this weekend and I think I almost bought out the entire shop. I mean, how could I resist! 

Gold Heart Stickers? Check! 
Adorable Pencils? Got 'Em! 
Fab Confetti! Yep! 

Here are a few of my favorite items from the shop.


  1. These are amazing! I am in love with cute packaging too. Our fist X-Mas together, my husband wrapped all of my favorite colors to wrap my gifts, even down to the tissue paper...apparently he's a sucker for great wrapping too!
    sheree xxx

  2. Knot & Bow has the cutest stuff - I love the gold glitter twine!

  3. too cute! obsessed with the confetti and pencils! x

    & Pretty Things

  4. Adorable! Thanks for sharing, Holly.

  5. i actually love wrapping presents, though i could probably use some new fancy wrapping paper and accessories. everything here is so cute!
    -- jackie @ jade and oak

  6. This stuff is adorable! I am in the middle of deciding what colors I will use this Christmas/holiday season. Maybe I'll find motivation at Knot & Bow. Thanks for sharing!

  7. All of this stuff is so pretty! I love gorgeous packaging too and actually LOVE gift wrapping, to the point where anyone who gives me a gift wraps it SO horribly just to annoy me lol


  8. Their branding is fantastic! Really loving those pencils. I have faith in you! If all else fails, buy pretty boxes, tie 'em up with a string and call it a day!


  9. I'm with you. Pretty packaging gets me every time. Definitely going to have to check out this store!

  10. So fun! I'm such a sucker for packaging too!

  11. Wow!! You're right - this stuff IS super dupa cute! I actually REALLY love to wrap presents - but could still totally use this stuff. :)
    Nikki at

  12. So cute! I've been wanting some phrase pencils, but I might have to pick out a few more things as well. I'm right there with ya on the horrible wrapping thing.

  13. Great stuff. Love the personalized pencils!!!!!!


  14. I love Knot & Bow! They make the prettiest things, and I also am a huge fan of their packaging :) I might have to get some of that pretty confetti soon! xx

  15. I'm a total sucker for packaging and I literally judge books by their covers (if it's pretty, it's in my cart). I'll have to check out Knot & Bow.
    xo, Angelica

  16. I am totally the same way! Especially during Christmas season, when all the packaging is so cute for gifts!! I am a total sucker and I end up hoarding some of it just because it's cute!

    I adore those pencils! & I don't even like pencils!

    >>Showered With Design<<

  17. OMG this looks so cute!!

    I'm all about the packaging too haha I actually needed tags for a party and those pink ones are amazing :D

    Thank you so much for sharing this because it's just what I need !

    Just uploaded a new post and I definitely need your opinion :D !

    Have a great day :D


    Jen’s Berry Bash Custard pudding

  18. Those pencils totally made me squeal with glee. A must-have for any office!

    xo Adrienne

  19. Ahhh I've got a few of their hearts in my favorite lists myself! I've been restraining myself until I can find a valid reason to buy them LOL. And "But they're so pretty" is not one! I also can't wrap for my life. I used to be fabulous at it but after working at Swarovski over Christmas a few years ago I lost my mojo and now I totally suck :o(

    Which is crap because I LOVE wrapping gifts.

  20. I adore knot and bow! Their office is by my house!

  21. I love cute stuff like that. I feel that it hides my bad wrapping skills too. :D

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    cassandra xx


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